From The Vaults (US Only)

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From The Vaults (US Only)A collection of previously unreleased tracks from the early 80s.
Label: Mercury
ASIN: B000006133
Catalogue Number: 558186-2
Release Date: 28/04/1998

Track Listing
1. Memphis, 2. With a Little Luck, 3. Shady Business, 4. Standing Invitation (To Lay Down by Her Side), 5. Love Sweet Love, 6. It’s a Hard World Outside, 7. Hey Mister Man in the Moon, 8. Magic Touch, 9. New Kind of Fire, 10. I Believe in You

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4 thoughts on “From The Vaults (US Only)”

  1. Would anyone know who were the composers of Hey Mister Man In the Moon, that is recorded on this CD? Or better, does anyone know where the song is licensed?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Art Ross says:

    I am looking for a song called “ive been rained on too”
    Album from 1983 called “Dont let our dreams die young”

    Can you help me locate this album?

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