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April 21, 2015Presale for Blues Fest, O2 Arena London

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April 2, 2015Presale for Laugardalshöll Arena, Iceland

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March 17, 2015Presale for New Market Racecourse & Market Rasen Racecourse

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Greenwich 26th July

March 11, 2015Presale for Greenwich Music Time

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March 11, 2015Presale for Betley Farm Festival

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1,189 thoughts on “Members”

  1. Maritha says:

    Hi Mr
    Sacha comes to win the Voice.......I cross my finger <3 She have the best Master Teacher at his side <3 <3

  2. Maritha says:

    Hi Mr
    i can see this Summer You comes yo Skandinavia , but not to Sweden ,,,and this do me unhappy ,,, Please don't leave Me this Way ,,,Love <3

  3. erikavaz says:

    Dear Tom i Want to know whan are you coming to México, My mom is súper fan on you so i'like to take her to watching your perform. Thanks and i hope you can come so soon.

  4. Lizbott says:

    Hi although I am a fan, I have joined your fan club as my sister "Our Vera" who is a huge fan of yours. She turns 65 on Feb 9th and we are having a party at the sheltered accommodation she lives at. "Our Vera" has never been married and has only ever been on one date that I know of. She never swears or has a bad word to say about anyone (except footballers!) Her life has changed dramatically since she moved to Arnold Smith sheltered Accomodation 3 years ago. She has come out of her shell and has proved very popular with other residents. In fact one has suggested we do a This Is Your Life at her party and if you could send her a birthday message, I know she will be extactic! To show what a fan she is, she has los of framed photos of family members around her flat, but the one of you takes pride of place in the lounge and another on her bedroom wall. Thanks in anticipation of your assistance and PLEASE tour soon as that's her planned birthday present.

  5. heather.97 says:

    Dear tom,

    Omg! I just love you and have done since i was 9. I wouldn't say i was your biggest fan as that tends to be people who go to your concerts all the time. Trust me, if i had money, i would get vip! All my friends worry about me as i tell them to be quiet whenever i hear your songs in shops or if your on tv. I love your lil blue suit you wore on the voice last year, it matched your eyes perfectly. I probably broke facebook as i just kept setting status' about you. Ok, now im sounding creepy. My one wish is to meet you as your such an inspiration to me and your voice always gives me goose bumps. Noone can compare! I hope you read this and not get scared.

    Thank you
    Love from probably your youngest fan

  6. joker says:

    Good evening, I hope you read my comment, I would ask the friend on facebook if not a crime or a big problem for her. I'm a great admirer. I'd like so much Thanks

  7. Maritha says:

    i wish You a Happy New Year !
    Hope to see You soon , maybe You come to Sweden to the Summer , I cross my finger
    With Love <3 XX

  8. cherrozz says:

    Dear Tom

    Wishing you & your family a Happy New Year!

    with good health, sharp shape and a STRONG voice.....and I'll be looking forward to listen to your new CD.
    Saw yesterday a interview on the net....you were in Ron ? show, wearing a grey jacket over a grey
    pullover and a bluish scarf.....WHAUUU...you looked soooo GOOD and distinguished - grey suits you
    perfect - well you always knew how to dress...;-).
    Tom take care & may GOD BLESS YOU

    Luv from Anne-Marie/DK

  9. Martine says:

    Aleighcat, you're so right !
    I would also like to see that the shop section is open. Maybe in 2015 ?
    I take the opportunity to wish Tom and his family a very happy christmas full of joy, laughters and happyness.
    It is so nice to know that there are beautiful families like this one. God bless our Tom and all his clan.

  10. aleighcat says:

    Hello, it's been awhile since I've checked in. I see that the "shop" section still says "coming soon", are the fans here eventually going to be able to purchase some mementos? I would love to have a tshirt/sweatshirt and also would like to see posters, autographed pictures, CD's/DVD's, autobiographies, coffe mugs/tumblers, jewelry,...even pillowcases (lol) available for sale. It would be a big hit, trust me. I also would like to take this opportunity to wish the Woodward/Jones family a safe and happy holiday season. Get some rest Tom, and enjoy your lovely family. I am not going to stop pestering you to visit Ohio, I would *really* like to fulfill my dream of seeing you in concert! Whenever I'm having a bad/stressful time, all that I have to do is turn you on (you know what I mean!) or start looking for my dream home in Wales and it instantly makes me feel better. You are my tranquilizer, lol........Take care, hope to see you someday soon. Please say that you'll have the "shop" forum open in the near future, I want to let the public know the man/entertainer that I adore/support! Thank you in advance for any response, it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and....*good job*, Mark, you are doing a fantastic job as your Dad's manager!

  11. samuel says:

    Sir Tom ,

    I'd like you to let you know that the choice you made during the photo competition , especially with intensity was chosen and therefore , according to you and to me it was the right choice.
    Even though i was a participant of the contest.

    I am also pleased to see you back in january during The Voice 4 .
    Go Team Tom !!!

    Regards , Samuel


  12. btoisawesome says:

    Hello, I posted earlier wondering which album/albums were recorded at muscle shoals. anybody know?

  13. samuel says:

    Thank you for bringing so much joye en hope into our lives !
    Watching , hearing and see you perform during your whole carriere is a blessing !

    It moves my heart . It makes me human ... it makes me whole ...

  14. sffarms says:

    Please come to the West Coast of the United States. My wife and I would really like to see you in concert !

  15. Karen says:

    Happiest Of Anniversary for 50 years Sir Tom on your release of "It's Not Unusual." You are the absolutely best singer and I have always loved watching you perform, hearing you sing, and of course looking at that most gorgeous face. Love YOU TJ...Always have and will.

  16. Martine says:

    Happy birthday to "IT'NOT UNUSUAL"
    What a super song ! The new arrangements are awesome !
    Thank God and thanks to Mrs Freda Woodward and Mr Thomas Woodward for putting our wonderful Tom on Earth !

  17. R8gingbull says:

    Hi. I have a rare cd called... Stop breaking my heart.

    Is it worth money.


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