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Sir Tom was ordered by doctors not to perform in Monte Carlo yesterday evening, due to severe dehydration. This was extremely disappointing for Tom, the band and all connected with the tour. This was the last date of a very successful 3 month tour, where many of the shows were in locations that were in the throes of high summer heat.  There are NO heart problems, as has been reported in the press.

Sir Tom wants to relay his deep regrets for causing disappointment and inconvenience to all who would have come to enjoy his show last night. He thanks everyone for their understanding and support, and hopes to see the fans in Monte Carlo again soon.


  1. Kathy says:

    Pls get well Tom. You have alot of fans in winnipeg manitoba canada. Come and sing at our new place here. I saw upon my mom’s request in the 1986 here. Prayers from Canada!

  2. Susan Valeriani says:

    Hi Tom, So glad to hear that you are out of hospital, and on the road to recovery. I was at your concert in Gandia in august, you were brilliant. I saw you in 1981 in ceasars palace in vegas, for myself I enjoyed you more in Gandia. Please continue singing to us, you have a god given talent. Love Susan Valeriani

  3. Very happy to hear you are well…wishing you health and happiness.

    Best wishes..
    Maria C Bruno

  4. joanie says:

    dear sir i have never had the oppertunity to see any of your concerts , that doesnt mean i love you any less. you have given the world the voice of the angels.. it is time we give you some well deserved and needed rest. so everyone plz give this man his time to rest and privacy he and his family need. im almost certain we will hear the voice of the angels again.

    sir you are braver then you know and stronger then you can imagine take your time get well and hope to hear from you very soon with much love a devoted fan…..

  5. Frank Lozano says:

    I attended your concert at Gandia (Valencia-Spain) last August, 16th. It was a really splendid concert. You made me have a great time. Thanks for all and best wishes for a quick and solid recovery. You deserve it.


  6. Norberto (Bs.As. Argentina) says:

    I wish I could see and hear it again here in Buenos Aires – Argentina. I attended the last two performances and I believe (I speak for all who admire Sir Tom Jones) we were looking forward to more. God wants to come.

  7. Norberto (Bs.As. Argentina) says:

    I sincerely hope the speedy recovery of Sir Tom Jones. Besides, it is impossible that a tiger has problems.

  8. Cynthia Keith says:

    Get well soon!

  9. Beth says:

    Ah, Sir Tom, take care of yourself and your beautiful voice;
    it is a great light in a dark world;

    PS: I think you should’ve sued when the US put on a show called The Voice which could never come close to yours.

  10. Merethe says:

    Dear Tom, We are wishing you all the best, and we send you all our parayer. We know you will get well because you are very strong. Remember all your fans are sending you warm and loving thoughts. We ligth a candle for you. Lots of love and hope you will be better soon.
    Peter and Merethe

  11. Gerry says:

    Get well soon, Tom.

  12. Jackie S says:

    Tom so sorry to hear you are unwell. Please get better soon. God Bless XXXX

  13. foxiethegreat says:

    Tom, take care of yourself and get well soon. Then come back to the states, if not Las Vegas, somewhere on the east coast.

  14. Donna and Pam says:

    Hello Tom…its the 2 crazy women whom are always front center at your show at the Vegas/MGM and whom you sometimes run into at the Sushi restaurant.
    We heard the news and instantly said a prayer together for your return to good health. We love you and look forward to your return to Vegas!
    All our best,
    XOXO Donna and Pam

  15. Betsy says:

    Your health is everything! Let the fans wait…:)

  16. pako says:

    dear tom, your voice is always my preferred source of emotions… taht’s why you’re not only my favourite singer, but I consider you a second best friend.
    so… a big hug, tom. get well soon.

  17. Gill says:

    Heard the news at 2pm on Sunday.I was relieved to hear an hour later that it was hydration not heart problems as was first broadcasted. All of Wales were thinking of you and Owen Money who you know dedecated a song to you on his program.Get well soon Tom all our love and best wishes go to you.

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