Las Vegas MGM Grand – Dates Postponed

Tom was scheduled to appear at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas from 13th – 26th May 2010.

Unfortunately these shows have been postponed.

We do not have the rescheduled dates confirmed, but please check our Tour Dates and News sections for further updates and announcements.

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  1. i have been waiting to see tom jones since the age of 8! my uncle even went as far as to phone me one year on christmas morning wishing me a merry christmas,it was only 3 years ago I found it wasnt tom! 🙁 I have missed all his uk tours and would quite happily get a credit card to book to see tom in las vegas.please can anyone help? is tom going to do anymore tours???? x

  2. My wife and I saw Tom in 2008 at MGM. I want to see him again and almost scheduled August. Whenever I hear of his canceling, being near his age, I worry for his health; is his health the reason for the cancellation. It would be reassuring for his fans if a reason was given.

  3. We always schedule our vacation to Las Vegas in August to see Tom at the MGM Grand. Will he be there this year? I keep checking the MGM website, but he’s not on their schedule. If he comes to the Boston area, we’ll try to see him here. We were supposed to see him last summer at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Connecticut, but he had to cancelled. I need my Tom Jones fix!

  4. I see Tom Jones every year at Atlantic City,N.J. I cringe whenever I hear that a show of his is canceled. My great grandfather came from Wales. My ancestors were Welsh coal miners and some of them lived in a Seaport town called Swansea. The Welsh people can really sing. Tom really represents the culture of my people when he sings. No, we are not related. Even though my kin were Welsh coal miners with the name Jones, Toms real name is Woodward. His stage name is Jones.

  5. Why was Las Vegas cancelled? We do hoped to see Tom there this spring or summer. Missed the January dates due to travel problems in our area. Please get dates reset soon. If not MGM, go elsewhere. We don’t care where in Las Vegas we have to go; will do to see Tom.

  6. We (my husband and I) also plan our twice yearly trips to Vegas around when Sir Tom is at the MGM Grand. We have followed him from Ceasar’s Palace to Bally’s to MGM Grand over the last 30 years and have seen him 54 TIMES!! He’s still got “the voice” we love! It has been hard to catch him at the MGM the last couple of years – what’s up Tom? Sorry to hear that more concerts have been canceled at the MGM – we miss you!

  7. Sir Tom, please hurry back to the states. I guess I’m spoiled, but I’m used to seeing Tom in Vegas 2 or 3 times a year. I was there in January to see two great shows, but I’m ready for more! September and December would be good.

  8. I will be in Vegas in May and was so hoping to see Tom. I saw him at that MGM May of 2009 and 2008. I am glad he is touring, but we want him in the states, also. May he will come to DC, New York or Atlantic City again. North Carolina would be nice.

  9. Sir Tom seems to be sharing his music with a wider expanse of the world. I am afraid we will not see much touring in the United States this year. He is working and touring much too hard!! I really hope he will have the time to do a little more touring in the states, but don’t want to see him exhausted with all this traveling. God bless him for giving his all so fans around the world will have a chance to enjoy his music.

  10. Sorry to hear about the cancellations, but hope all is well with Tom. As most of us do, I go to Vegas for Tom and Tom alone. One vacation I spent 14 nights in a row with him. What a ride, every night more exciting than the last! Now, if I can only get him to deliver my room service after a show, I could die one happy woman. Tom will always be the most incredibly handsome and sexy man in the universe, and his talent only improves with his “vintage.” Love you Tom!

    To Tom Personally: Please take care of yourself during your up and coming tour schedule. You’re going to some pretty rough territoty — you better have enough protection to keep you safe. If anything were to happen to you I think I’d die! You are my one shining star — the one thing in my life that just gives me pure pleasure. Without you, I’d surely have nothing! Lots and lots of love from your Key Largo, What’s New Pussycat?, kitty cat throwing fan!

    • Hello Robin, I thought I was the only one who appreciated Tom’s amazing voice and talent so much. My friends here in NY either have no taste of real talent, or are totally tone-deaf. I try to stop off in Vegas to see Tom’s show whenever I am travelling to or from SanFrancisco visiting my girls, but his time there, for some reason, has dwindled down to a trickel. I wonder what is up? Anyway, I enjoyed your e-mail, and was kind of glad I was not lamenting alone. Regards, LLW, NY

  11. going to Vegas in August and praying that Tom will be there. This is my 6th visit and I keep missing him. Mum and Dad are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. 25th August we arrive until 3rd September.

  12. My wife and our friends have seen Tom seven times at the MGM – every single show has been FABULOUS!! We were VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing him in May!!! Tom PLEASE COME BACK SOON! We love you man, you are are better and better with each show!

  13. WHY? WHY? does Sir Jones have to cancel MGM in May. 🙁 I feel like there is some kind of jinx keeping me from seeing one of my idols. 15 to 20 yrs, ago in Asheville, last summer in Asheville N.C. and now the MGM. Is Sir Jones going to tour the US this year? I truly desire to see Sir Tom Jones at least once in my lifetime.

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