Watch Tom’s Performance on The American Idol Finale!

Tom took to the Nokia Theater on Wednesday night for the American Idol Finale. He was part of a medley which included the ‘Top 13’ boys singing a collection of hits including ‘Kiss’, ‘She’s A Lady’, ‘What’s New Pussy Cat’, ‘Green Green Grass of Home’ and ‘Delilah’. All building up to the grand unveil where Tom joined them on stage to sing “It’s Not Unusual”.

Tom tore down the house and after reading the members comments it seems we all watched in awe!

Catch Tom’s performance here….

Catch the top 13 Boys Tom Jones Medley here…

It was a great night with a stellar line up of performers including, Tony Bennett, Beyonce, Lady GaGa and Aerosmith to name a few.

And of course a big congratulations to Scotty McCreery who was crowned the winner of American Idol 2011.

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  1. Thank you Tom for all the great music and memories over the years.I never had a bad day that I heard Sir Tom.I sang whats new pussycat to my babies to put them to sleep lol.I lov your new music too…Wishing you only the very best and once again thank you !

  2. ¡¡Feliz maraviilosos 71 años, muy bien mantenidos.
    ¡¡Cumpleaños feliz¡¡¡ Su voz está ¡¡¡INCREIBLE¡¡¡
    ES LO MEJOR…. Siga grabando y dando conciertos “DIOS LO PROTEJE”
    Admiradora de toda la vida.-

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Tom Jones!! ENJOY your special day and may you be BLESSED with many more happy years!!
    We saw your concert in Cape Town 2010 and are still talking about it, your voice, we were awestruck!! PLEASE come back to Cape Town!!
    It’s on my list to one-day attend one of your concerts overseas, God willing.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR TOM JONES !! 😀 !! I´ve just been to my English exam, on your Birthday how COOL is that, and my subject was: TOM JONES :D, and I got an A + !! 😀 !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! 😀 !!

  5. I’m from the planet that has the USA on it. i did not say Tom does not tour here, he plays mostly small places like the House of Blues and some small theaters. Not many, if any arenas, not here at least. name an arena show hes done on the last 5 years that he has played here in the states. The rest of my comments above speakt to the fact that he is a big that should be playing huge places if it wre not for his career guidance here in the states. I hope that changes soon.

  6. Just loved seeing you on American Idol. You voice is still one of the greatest. We all miss seeing you tour the US and can’t wait to see again. Miss seeing you perform in Vegas. Hurry back to us real soon. With Love.

  7. May I wish you a very happy birthday next week. I have followed your career since 1964 when you released Chills & Fever, sadly it bombed but I’m not ashamed to say I liked, bought it & played it to death. Never mind Tom, you’ve more than made up for it since.
    So a HUGE THANKYOU for some terrific renditions over the years. Have a great day with your family & we’ll see you soon.

  8. Tom..For many years you know that I’ve always called you out LUV
    when I hand you the red rose and you would kiss me.That is what I will cherish for lifetime and have been avid fan of yours since you appeared at Cow Palace s.f. ’65-69′
    When are you coming down to southern california? I used to live down by Silicon Valley.
    I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you,TOM !!!!

  9. Fantastic performance, great to see Sir Tom on American Idol, now maybe he’ll get the recognition, in the US, that he so deserves. TJ you look amazing! Waiting for you next Las Vegas concert!

  10. I know Tom and his management think they always know what is good for Toms career. I hope they see this. First of all, Tom Jones performance was spectacular on American Idol.There was not one performer old or new that could get close. He still has it, even more then ever. The greatest voice, the look, the coolness and the presence. You could feel it through the television. You could see it on the faces of the people in the audience, from the very young to the older. He had them all under his spell. And the proof is in there reaction and the input all over the internet.
    Now it is time to resurect his once powerful career again back in the states. Record a new album that people want to hear, promote it properly.Get out and tour, look as perfect as he did on American Idol on stage all the time. Do all the hits and add inject new stuff. Give the fans what they want to hear. Don’t monoplize the concerts and albums with all the material from one album. People want the excitement, the cool, the VOICE. The bigger then life image. The USA loves Tom Jones and wants him back. Not at the HOUSE OF BLUES, but at large theaters and arenas.It’s time to get to work. If management needs suggestions feel free to contact me through my web site. Thank you. Nick

  11. Ohhh¡¡¡ “sorprendente sorpresa” verlo en la final de AMERICAN IDOL. ¡¡Invitado de lujo¡¡¡ y lo mas increible que es de justo de varias decadas, en especial muchos jovenes que saben apreciar una hermosa “VOZ” es emocionante que jovenes sepan y canten “SHES IS LADY , DELILAH, WHAT NEW PUSSICAT, GREEN GREEN GRASS, IT`S NOT UNUSUAL, A BOY FROM NOWHERE etc. es maravilloso mis hijas y sobrinos también cantan sus canciones .
    Muchas felicidades.-
    Su admiradora de toda la vida.-

  12. Thanks for putting the guys medley of TJ songs as well as Tom’s performance on the website! It was nice to be able to watch them again…and again…and again!!!
    Sir Tom, you were GREAT as always!!! My sisters and I saw you in Naples, FL this year and we are still smiling from having had the oportunity to see you perform live!!! Your concert was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

  13. Sir Tom served it!

    Every time you walk into the ring, you go for the knockout! You can see from the video that Steven Tyler, and Randy were visibly moved by your performance, as they saw a master at his craft.

    So, Tom, did you get your audience rush from that performance, or what? It takes a lot to bring a tear to Steven Tyler’s eye, but you did… he was as giddy as a schoolgirl hanging on your every note!

    The 13 boys were nice kids, and I wish them well, however, they sounded like an average bunch of fraternity boys singing after hoisting a few.

    Good show Sir Tom, Good show!

  14. Tom rules. Even after all these years there is the pitter patter in my heart when i see him live on television or in person. You were awesome on Amercian Idol and American Idol did you proud in giving you that tribute. All the boys together could not produce THE VOICE one man consistently. Great job Tom.

  15. Tom on American Idol was the show stopper no doubt. When the boys were into their second TJ song I knew that it was a tribute to the great icon of music, “The Voice’ and before long he would make his majestic appearance. The evergreen voice, with his handsome ( forget 70) looks, greatvoice and a suit only he do full justice to was pure DYNAMITE. Long live TJ. Love you. Please come to Hamilton, Ontario. We miss you. Love you

  16. Dear Sir Tom Jones,
    My Mom, La Verne Day was one of the original “Tom Jones” girls. She saved her change in a cigar box to go and see you in Las Vegas and everywhere you traveled. Needless to say, she did not pay for me to go to college ((( laughing))) . You would “know” all of them as they were up front and personal. And I grew up front and center stage. Thank You and I “wish” we could travel once more to see you perform. Although she is gone now, I ever hear her in your music.

    All my love,

  17. You were outstanding on American Idol Tom, I was quite surprised when the guys started singing your songs, then another came on and thought, this could be a huge surprise. I couldn’t believe it when they Mentioned Sir Tom Jones, you had a great sound as always, no problem handling your notes. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you perform Live on Television, especially with the American Idol Show. You were Brilliant.

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