ReloadThe smash-hit album of duets and collaborations including ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’ with The Stereophonics and ‘Sex Bomb’ with Mousse T.
Release Date: 09/09/1999
Label: Gut Records
Catalogue Number: GUTCD 9

Track Listing
1. Burning Down The House 2. Mama Told Me Not To Come 3. Are You Gonna Go My Way 4. All Mine 5. Sunny Afternoon 6. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone 7. Sexbomb 8. You Need Love Like I Do 9. Looking Out My Window 10. Sometimes We Cry 11. Lust For Life 12. Little Green Bag 13. Ain’t That A Lot Of Love 14. She Drives Me Crazy 15. Never Tear Us Apart 16. Baby, It’s Cold Outside 17. Motherless Child

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  1. So I’m an ignorant Yank. Just heard this CD for the first time via a British friend last week. Don’t remember hearing any of this back in the USA. What a fantastic blend of styles with great collaborators. “But Baby it’s Cold Outside” a knock out icing on the cake!

    • Ed,

      Listening to “Reload” last week saved you from being an ignorant Yank. Go Yankees! Take a scroll through Tomography: A Timeline of Tom Jones. If there’s anything you’ve missed and need assistance locating, please contact me at

      Enjoy the knock out icing.

      Tom Terry

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