The Lead and How to Swing It

The Lead and How to Swing It
The landmark 1994 album featuring legendary producers such as Trevor Horn and Teddy Riley. Includes global smash-hit ‘If I Only Knew’.
Label: Interscope
Catalogue Number: 92457
Release Date: 01/11/1994

Track Listing
1. If I Only Knew 2. A Girl Like You 3. I Wanna Get Back With You 4. Situation 5. Something For Your Head 6. Fly Away 7. Love Is On Our Side 8. I Don’t Think So 9. Lift Me Up 10. Show Me 11. Changes

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  1. I just watched a PBS special on TV of the Ed Sullivan Show a few hours ago and there was a black and white performance of “It’s not Unusual”. May have been Tom’s first appearance on the show. It was so good. I thought the vocal was even better than the record. Ok, so, in a Tom Jones state of mind 🙂 I went to Youtube and, by chance clicked on a video of a 1994 live performance at a blues club of a song I never heard before. “I Don’t Think So”. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!! Can’t get it out of my mind! It’s real and saying something deep. And, once again, great live performance. This is my new favorite Tom Jones song. But I need some help. Oddly, the lyrics to this song are not on the Internet so I’m figuring them out myself and I’m stuck on the words in the bridge. What I have so far is:

    In the Storm
    (I just wanna let you know it)
    A place to go
    (there’s a safe place to go)
    When this world is
    (when the ??? at your door)
    I don’t think so

    Can someone help me with the ???’s. Or anywhere else I am incorrect. That would be great.


  2. I love this album but cannot find it on CD-I bought the cassette version of it back then and have not been able to find/buy the CD version.
    Also, where can I find ‘Little Green Apples’ a song that I love and had it on an LP a while back but gave it up as my record player broke.

  3. mr. jones,id just like to say i bought a used copy of this album for the second time after sending the first to my brother. its bad!!! i especially like track 5,and 8. what im tryin to grt my brother is a pbs special concert you performed. im not sure the year,mabe in early 2000.but i do know that you answerd questions from the adience about songs and you life.please,please tell me how i can abtain a copy of this special show.

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