Photos – Behind The Scenes Glastonbury

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  1. Tom i am a 15 year old girl i live in New Hampshire and im in the 8th grade. I am in Chorus and i was wondering if you could give me some tips about helping my voice. Please sir Can you wright back.

    Thank you

  2. I really hope that you have some shows in Florida this year. My daughter and I really enjoy your music. Believe it or not a whole new generation of young kids really like your stuff. My daughter is only 15, but she really likes your music. We sing and dance to it all the time. Again, hope to see one of your concerts in Florida this year.

  3. Sir Tom…
    Most amazing, powerful, strong voice you have. I am just in “aww” when I hear your music. I even take you to the tanning bed with I just love the older music, Elvis Presley (i also named my daughter after Elvis, her name is Presley ). She’s 16 and I always tell her about the music you sing & Elvis, Conway, Haggard. But you.. above all to me. I have not had the pleasure of seeing you in concert, but please come to the US, I will go where ever i have too to get to see you & hear that “voice”. Amazing man you are …

  4. Tom:

    Have followed you since you came on the scene. By the way you owe me an apology for a remark you
    made about my dress in Tahoe which was very embarrassing and rude. Have seen at least 50 of your shows. Followedyou you even to Chicago, Atlanta, Vegas, Tahoe.
    Please come to California one more time and make us old ladies swoon one more time.

    Your album cover is awesome.

    Francoise from Montreal, now in Pleasanton, Calif
    (925) 600-7688

  5. Hey TOM

    Got a call from an old girlfriend, yesterday who had 2 questions to ask me: first one was if I was going
    to a Zumbaclass and second: ” are you going to see Tom Jones in Odense” -I said ” what?, are you kid din’ me. Nooo she wasn’t.
    We went last year to Skanderborg Festival and I was blown away – you, Sir Tom amazes me that you still
    have that incredible power and the VOICE that are better than ever.
    Been a fan since I was a little girl, now 52, my bro introduced you to me – and I’ve been hooked ever since and
    have seen you about 10 times now.

    So here I am goin’ to see and hear you again – this summer I get my TJ-FIX:-)…………though I still dream of
    meetin’ & greetin’ you – wish that dream would come through, someday………….

    All my love from Anne-Marie Aarhus-Denmark

    • Den bedste koncert i Odense, bedre end Skanderbnorg sidste år, helt sikkert , Tom’s stemme er som en god flaske rødvin , den bliver bedre med årene.. vi mødte Tom i Odense, en fantastisk mand , helt nede på jorden.

  6. Dear Tom.

    I am in love with you since I was 16.. I am growing older, I even love your song more and more. I have some of your song collection. Thanks to youtube now I can enjoy seeing your live concerts. One of my dream to be able to see you singing live. Will you consider giving your live concert in Milwaukee Sir Tom Jones. Please reply to this note…..

    Thank you Sir Tom Jones….

  7. Sir Tom…Please, tell me why there is nothing after August…we that try to see you…need advance notice most likely as we travel to see you….Can you give us some information? US perspective…across the pond so to speak..:)

    • Tom toured the US in April this year and is now covering Europe, so I’m very sorry if you missed any of those dates.
      Following August, Tom will be working on a new album and back in the studio. Touring, including the US will resume in 2012 and as always we will keep you up to date with tour announcements and give you plenty of notice of forthcoming dates.

  8. I just wanted to say I have loved your music since I first heard you, many many years ago.I saw you in person once in Peoria , Illinois.You have a great voice !1 Am glad you are still performing, maybe one day I will get to see you again !Saw you on American Idol last night, you got it baby !!!

  9. Hello,
    I went to your concert in Clearwater Fl tonight 4/22/11 I had seen you there in 1984 as well…I have been a fan since the age of 5 or so, sitting in front of my mom used that as a weapon to get me to mind…lol… you are now and always have been my number 1 fave singer…I was born with the name Jones and kids used to tease me but I loved it…lol… you truly have a God given talent..I am thankful to have grown up with your music and I still very much love and appreciate it today and I am now 50..thank you for so many wonderful hours of pleasure and entertainment..God Bless you..your number 1 fan always….

  10. Dear Tom,Have been a Elvis fan since my 13 th birthday (WILL TURN 50 NEXT july 1),but alwaijs have been proud he had a fantastic friend as you in is live.Since the time of Elvis i alsow listned your music much and always was realy suprised for your voice.I saw you last time in the “lotto arena” at Antwerp(Belgium).Hope to see you a next time soon again.I surly will!!But is ever filmed a real complete vegas show that time?I only found cd’s or dvd’s in live pieces in that time.Was ever filmed a complete show on cd or dvd(video)in that time?If so,than i realy wound to have it!HMMMMhhhh….what i wound to say i love you Tom!!!!!!

    All the best,

  11. We saskatchewans, in canada we would be honour to have Sir Tom Jones to come to do a concert. I would love to present him with a Canadain Flag to him at one of his concerts, if and when he comes up to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Tom thank you for your great talents and what a great voice brillantly wow.

  12. Sincere Wishes that you and your wife’s remaining time together back in your homeland gives Contintment & Bliss! I must express “Americans have lost a great talent being amoung us in the USA.” Your Retiement? or Relocation? in your 70th year? I have downloaded BBC Radio (South Wales) in case your interview by the locals.. My advice is to disregard any negetiveaty amoung the critis who complain you peferr not to dirty your fingernails.. Ha! They sould walk in your shoes .. right Tom! Praise & Blame could in reality be “Blame for Fame”… just know there are wise and good people supportive unlike the rough tough crowd. It is said in God’s word.. A Hevenly Bottle is Filled with our Tears..

  13. Waiting and hoping to see Tom this year in the Southern United States. I had tickets twice last year & the concerts were both canceled. Sure hope to have a new chance this year to see you. I’m saving vacation to try to see you. Missing you, going thru TJ withdraw, please hurry back to Knoxville, Nashville,or Memphis Tennessee this year. Please head south this year. I’ve been watching you & been a fan sence I was 10 or so & you were on TV. I use to freeze infront of the TV & refuse to budge. Love you, hope to see you sooooooon !

  14. Dearest Tom, Sure hope to see you again in East Tennessee this year. I’m having withdraw, need to see my main man. I’ve been enjoying my CD’s, but I need to see you & enjoy you in person. I hope you have a great Holiday season & enjoy your family. I enjoyed the pictures of you & your lovely wife Linda taken at LAX you have a pretty wife & you guys look good & happy together. Must be something right & lasting after 53 yrs. That says alot, cause that’s more than anyone else can or will ever say ha ? I’m happy for your health and happiness. Please come to the southern United States soon, were waiting to party with you. Love ya so much.

  15. Dear Tom,

    You are such a wonderful man. Life would be heaven if there were more like you. I remember watching you while sitting with my Dad in our family’s living room as a child and I loved you then too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you and appreciate you so much more now that I can see just how indescribably wonderful you are. I hope you really do read this.

    Love and Peace,
    Ann from North Carolina

  16. Does T.J. even read these comments? If so, how wonderful for us that we get to tell him how much we revere him!! And so, his success is so phenomenal- the awards and worldwide love and recognition!! I hear that he wants to keep singing for 30 more years. Unfortunately, if he does not learn more about protecting that wonderful voice, he probably won’t be singing that long. I do hope he does something about it. I have been a fan since the mid 60’s and can tell a big difference in his voice since then. In the meantime, I will keep listening to him sing from the CDs I have!! Let the good times roll( and rock!)!!

  17. olá Tom, sou brasileira e me “apaixonei” por você ao vê-lo no programa de Rachel Ray. Espero que um dia possa vir ao Brasil. Minha filha de 4 anos adora its not unusual. Um grande beijo para você.

  18. Most Honorable Sir Tom: How does it feel to be so loved? Looking out at the sea of humanity, all that love – you are very special and very blessed. May the Good Lord guide you back to New Jersey someday – sitting in the front row at the Taj is a dim memory – but I can still see your blue eyes and hear that amazing voice and see the sweat – Good Lord. I was a stronger woman then. I remember all those concerts with much longing and love – but I am happy for you and your success. Good luck with your newest album and I look forward to seeing you. Andiamo! And when you DO come back – I want to hear you sing “Move Closer” from your album – I cannot remember which one – (age does that).
    . . .”There’s much proof of passion and no room for please. . .”

  19. en nombre de mi madre te digo que sos un verdadero idolo para ella…. no para de visitar y leer todo comentario que aparece en la prensa… nunca pudo concurrir a un recital suyo… pero no pierde las esperanzas… un gran abrazo de la segunda generacion de fan suyo… pabl

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