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  1. Sir Tom, I am very glad that you are back performing and that your health is improved. I enjoyed your book and have just bought a second copy for my mother. She ran record stores for many years where I also began working. I am especially impressed by your willingness to take chances with your music and explore new genres or approaches. “Tower of Song” is very different from the remixes of “Mr. Jones”, but both are fantastic to listen to. Thank you for sharing both your talent and your love of life.

  2. Sir Tom
    My wife Lisa and I were so looking forward to seeing you again in Michigan. But we are also very happy to hear your health has improved. If possible please try to re-schedule your appearances mean so much to use.
    May God bless you!
    Dr. Bob

  3. Sir Tom, So sorry to hear of your health issues. Prayers going out to you for a full and speedy recovery.
    On the upside, we was going to be out of town when you were scheduled to be in San Antonio. My friends got tickets without me…..:(
    Now, I will be able to attend your performance. YES!!!! God Bless…Get well soon.

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