The Voice – New Website and Exclusive Interview

The Voice have put together a great new website to keep everyone up to date with the show. Tom has his own page where you’ll find information on his team and this exclusive interview [UK only]…

Visit the site at

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  1. Hi Tom,really enjoying THE VOICE every Saturday.I just knew you would be good on it with all your experience in the world of showbuissness & all the different types of music you have sang in your long & glittering career.I bet you have forgotten more than Simon Cowell will ever know about music!!,as you are MR ENTERTAINMENT in my eyes & I never get fed up of hearing about your Elvis stories as I also was a big fan of his music espically the beautiful ballads.I’m just sorry that I still won’t be able to see you again LIVE in concert this year but I still haven’t had my operations & I am furious with the surgeons for messing me about as I need to see you TOM soon LIVE, I’ve not seen you since 2009.

  2. We all know SIR TOM JONES is the best!!! Too bad people like me…Fan forever…President of a fan club..Tom Jones Silican Valley Friends for over 10 years….get shut out.

    I’ve tried this several times and been told my emails have been blocked and/or cancelled

    Know that if this gets to you….it is from someone who cares a lot about TOM

  3. Awe hate to miss the show ! Sure wish it could be, the states love you to and are still very devoted to you. Sure hope to see you in Knoxville, Tn at the Tennessee Theater again this year. I save to see you every year & this year Im trying for the premium seats. Maybe i’ll get a drop of sweat ! Seeing you is the highlight of my year. I feel like the fans here in the states are deprived of you. We seldom see much or here much of you in the media, press charities etc. I was shocked and thrilled to see you on Amer.Idol. My phone rang off the hook friends & family making sure I saw you. I told them my TV is programed to record anything your on. Please bring some new T-shirts etc if you come to Knoxville. I’ve seen you the last 3 or 4 times you were in the area and i’d like to buy some more stuff if you come. Please dont disapoint, we’re anxiously waiting on your sexy self & that awesome soul sturring voice. Take care of your lovely,sexy,and handsome self and that soulful stirring voice of yours. Looking forward to another wonderful & awesome night! Devoted to you, “Tenn.Country Gal” & a TOM JONES FAN FOREVER !!!! Brenda. HURRY BACK TO THE STATES PLEASE!!!

  4. Very sad I can’t view this show. I know this show will be great with the stars who make up the group you can’t go wrong. With Tom in the chair & his experience in the music world whoever he selects for his team will all be winners. I would love to be able to view this program I can’t so we must wait till Tom comes back to the US to entertain his fans who miss seeing him. Can’t wait for the new music he has coming out in March. With Love XXXXOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOO

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