Tom Jones and Jessie J revive a classic


You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ never really goes away: The Righteous Brothers’ Phil Spector-produced 1964 original remains a classic of longing and passion, a standard against which all subsequent pop duets must be measured. Tom Jones and Jessie J revived the song Sunday on the Grammys, and their studio version boasts lavish production inspired by, but not enslaved to, the original, with a sumptuous string arrangement acting as the record’s third star. At 74, Jones brings a dramatic and direct earnestness to his performance that Jessie J matches at every step.

Article by Brian Mansfield, USA Today, 9 February 2015        Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA Today

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  1. Dear Mr. JONES
    My name is Lisa Angharad. I am a Welsh Woman born in Caerphilly living in Berlin and a singer with a golden voice. My life dream would be to stand on a stage with you and sing Calon Lan. Can I send you some of my recordings/ performance video that you may consider inviting me to join you for one piece when the Tower of Song shifts you to Berlin? I am not in the least bit intimidated by the idea and would be so very honored to hear word back

  2. Hey Tom,
    You are not just an artist you are a legend
    You love to sing and always are outstanding. I don’t think today’s generation knows who you really are.
    I’m planning a short film where I will be
    Playing you from 1969 which is close to impossible, but as a trained ny actor I
    Think I might knock it out of the park.
    Maybe it will get some visabillity and wake this generation up.
    My email is
    If you care to ask any question or offer
    Warm regards
    You changed the world for the better

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