Over The Top and Back

By Sir Tom Jones      

Over the Top and Back - HI RES COVER



8 October 2015/ Michael Joseph £20 – HARDBACK

2 June 2016 / Penguin Books £8.99 – PAPERBACK

1 November 2016 / Blue Rider Press $16 – PAPERBACK (US RELEASE WITH REVISED JACKET)

“I’ve got a name for you: Tom Jones. He’s thinking of the movie with Alblert Finney. Big picture in 1963. Won three Oscars. Based on an eighteenth century novel by Henry Fielding, if that’s your thing, though I’ve never read it. What I hear in it is my mother’s maiden name, so I’m perfectly happy with that. It’s a name in which I feel I immediately belong.”

In Sir Tom Jones’s first ever autobiography he unveils a fresh talent as a natural raconteur as he delightfully and honestly recounts his life and career, from his childhood in Pontypridd right through to his less than ceremonious dismissal from The Voice. Spanning seven decades, this extraordinary journey takes us through highs, the lows and everything in between.

Born into a wartime coal mining family, Tommy Woodward evokes a warm and happy family life and childhood. Schoolwork doesn’t come easy, so much so that a bout of TB actually comes as a relief. He leaves school at 15, and finding himself with a wife and child at 16 takes a series of day jobs as he plugs away at the early rock ‘n roll scene in Wales. Despite his astonishing talent, it seems unlikely that – 24 years in – he’ll make it.

But somehow he does. He reveals the stories behind the many struggles to succeed in what was the musical revolution of the 60’s and the very early days of the music business; he sets the scenes of the era that surround the company of John Lennon, Elvis, Sammy Davis Jr and Sinatra (among countless others), he details being thrust into a mega trans-Atlantic television production unprepared, and he muses throughout on what can happen with certain kinds of success.

But he also talks about what it was like in the 80s when his career hit the bottom, and what it has taken to rediscover his raw talent, to harness his incredible voice in unexpected, believable and compelling ways to enable a second, more lasting wave in his career.

“The thing that I was looking for, over and above anything else – the thing that I was getting and that was making me happiest, was the chance to be around cheerful and talented characters (musicians)”

Music, from the very beginning of this extraordinary life, has been the key to happiness. And it is this phenomenal musical talent, and the ability to tell a great story which lies at the heart of this warm and articulate autobiography.

And the companion soundtrack to the book….

Long Lost Suitcase
The new Tom Jones album from Virgin EMI
Produced by Ethan Johns
October 9, 2015

Over The Top And Back
Released: 08/10/2015
Publisher: Penguin

Long Lost Suitcase CD
Released: 09/10/2015
Label: Virgin EMI

Book & LP Bundle
Released: 18/12/2015
Publisher: Penguin / Label: Virgin EMI

Long Lost Suitcase LP
Released: 18/12/2015
Label: Virgin EMI

Long Lost Suitcase Album Cover


  1. I’m am so happy to come across your website. As a young teen I would watch your show on television with my Dad. I had a major crush on you! So I joined your fan club!
    Then I found out you were doing a live concert in Jacksonville. I believe it was 1968. My friend and I rode the train to Jacksonville from Central Florida to stay with my sister and see you!
    I spent a long time getting dressed in my miniskirt! I just knew you were going to notice me! Lol
    I look forward to reading your book! Hopefully I will see you in concert again! You are an amazing entertainer! Come to Florida… Sarasota/Venice area please.
    Best wishes and God bless, love you, Liz

  2. bonjour,

    just sign in , and very happy to have found your site. I have been a fan of yours for many years . Your voice is the most exquisite sound that i have ever heard.

    Coming back from vacation , i read your book and oh boy was i supprised to find out the kind of men you are.

    Congratulation for been a MAN OF HONOR !! very few these days ! you have always been my favorite signer now you are also my favorite artist for your personnel qualities.

    Hopefully i will see you back in concert in Montréal soon.

    sorry for the orthograph mistakes , i am a french canadian! lol..lol…

    Take care of yourself SIR !!! xx

  3. Have gotten halfway through Tom’s autobiography and here is a down to earth human being, tough but with heart! An overnight success in twenty years…caught up in the glamour of showbusiness but I’m happy we were all privileged to hear that fabulous voice. God Bless you, Tom Jones, and may God keep you in the palm of his hand!

  4. I have just finished this book which I got for xmas and I found it fascinating, funny and extremely touching. When all’s said and done, it’s about sharing your life with the people you love which by now makes it even more poignant. Thanks for sharing your story and your memories Tom. Yes you are hard to ignore but that’s what people love about you! I will fulfill my wish of seeing you live one day! I’m sure with your experiences there’s at least another couple books worth of stories to be told lol
    Team Tom always x

  5. I am reading this entertaining book right now. I love it. Last night I was reading about Tom in the tiger cage with Gordon. I laughed so hard tears were rolling down my face. This man is the ultimate singer, performer, now author. Keep it up Tom, we all love you.

  6. I am 57 years old, it has always been my dream to see you in concert. My dream came true on Oct. 13th 2016, Hollywood California, front row seat, you were amazing !!!!! Hope to see u again before you retire !!!!! Thanks for the best concert ever !!!!! Donna G.

  7. I have the book and album, love the music. Your autobiography is great, you have led an amazing life.
    Saw your recent concert in Montclair, NJ and loved it. Take care, God bless and continued good health.
    Thank you

  8. I have read your autobiography it was wonderful. I have the new album also. Been following you since I was in my teens ( that wasn’t yesterday ) long may your golden voice continue. Hope to see you in Scotland again.

  9. I preordered Tom’s Autobiography plus CD, also the Audio.book which arrived later. The CD is absolutely
    Brilliant, I loved every song Magic. I have just finished reading the book savouring every page. I enjoyed
    Very much Tom’s own account of his rise to fame he has given a special insight of the man himself, he
    Has shared with us his character his natural love of Music which is Vibrant and Exciting as his Beautiful
    Voice. Tom came over as a very kind and Happy man, who is content with life and what he has achieved,
    Who care’s deeply for his family, and true friend’s. He is not afraid to tell when necessary people who he
    Think’s are wrong. Tom has worked hard for his public and deserves every accolade given
    Sir Tom Jones you truly are a rare and special Star

    • Not only is “Over the Top and Back” the best autobiography I
      ever read (and I read a lot of autobiographies), it is an
      exceptional book. It is extremely well written.I read it mainly
      to pass the time between a library book that wasn’t available,
      and discovered a treasure of pure reading enjoyment.A person
      doesn’t have to be a fan to find this book a great read.
      I am a fan of your writing and well as your singing!

  10. Yesterday I received the autobiography Over the top and back.
    Good not resist it,immediately began a little browsing in the book and reading parts of it.Have read a few chapters of the book.
    Every fan of Tom Jones should read the book.
    Tom Jones,a person far away for many people but with this book you experience it,you fancy yourself a bit in his world!
    Every day I will read a piece and every day I shall be little more in his world.It will be nice to experience.
    The end I have read already and he is a gentleman the way he talks about his wife, with appreciation and respect …
    Petronella/from Holland.

  11. Sir Tom Jones, a fine book indeed!I received my book a few days ago and completed it in hours. So much fun!I laughed out loud!What a journey, so few can tell this kind of story, and even fewer do!Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed the book almost as much as seeing you perform (many times) hopefully a few more times!Please don’t leave the west coast of the US out of the next tour dates.I’m always looking for you!The photos are great, my book is now proudly displayed with the cover showing!!! Thank you for all the great music and the book!!

  12. Hi Sir Tom have read ur book I really enjoyed it a great read also ur cd is fantastic Iv been to see u many many times iv saw u 5 times this year. I enjoyed all ur shows the one in LONDON on the 11th of October was fantastic. Hope to see u again soon. Id love to meet u in person and get a picture with u please. all my love xxxx

  13. Dear Sir Tom. I wonder if “Over the top and back” will be translated into Danish? I have been a fan since the seventies and would love to read the book. And PLEASE PLEASE revisit Denmark in 2016. I’ll be waiting -:). You are amazing. Best regards and all my love to you. Anette

  14. I preordered the audiobook (I spend a lot of time in my car for work) and though I don’t get to hear your Welsh voice reading it, I’m still very excited for this autobiography. Please say you have plans to do a book tour in the US! And that you will include a stop in Texas. You are fantastic. <3

  15. I ordered the book and cd from Amazon uk, I started to read the book and enjoying it very much, My Mum and I saw Tom In Las Vegas many time it was our Daughter and Mother time. In his book it reminds me of my Mum she was born in 1939 in Chelmsford England,the same story about war and the pictures of the Beast with five fingers, she told me how that movie scared her. My Mum is legally blind so would love to get the book in audio for her she would enjoy it. I live in Ca. usa so maybe when the book comes out here there will be an audio version. Hope to see Tom again in USA again. My Mum and I missed seeing him in Las Vegas.

  16. So happy to say that I preordered both the CD and book from Amazon UK the day it was posted on your FB page. I received notification today that my book has been shipped and is on its way, and I live in Frederick, Maryland, USA. Needless to say, I’m thrilled I didn’t go to the US site. I’m excited to read it because you have been a big part of my life since 1968 when I lived n Las Vegas. Saw you a couple of times while I lived there. Hope and pray that you come to the states soon (east coast preferably). It’s been to long, we miss you and love you.

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