Sandown Racecourse – 18th July 2012

© HayleyBray

© HayleyBray

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  1. Tom, you have been an inspiration to me since I was 13 years old. You are my favorite singer/man of all time LOL !!! I would like to see you in a show/concert in Las Vegas sometimes soon since I live in Montana. Either Vegaas or Seaattle would be ok. Keep iin up you handsome guy you. Love, Portia

  2. wow!! that’s all i can say! a girl born in broojlyn, new york and having Tom Jones as one of her idols, never got to see him in person but got his lps. and i use to see his t.v. show in the states. than now 2012 my daughter says, “mom want to see Tom Jones” and i said “yeah”! finally now with 58 years and living in Spain i get to see him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 27 of july he was sick and i had like him bad luck. so we waited and august 27 he came to Santiago de Compostela- Spain!! and it rained!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i said, “shit now with my luck again it will be called of!” but no!!!!! rain, rain and more rain wet to our underwear but yes those of my age there, were truly fans!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless you Sir Tom Jones and thank you for your wonderful voice and remember be a good little boy and never forget where you were born and how your life was than. love ya

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