This Is Tom Jones – TV Show 1969 to 1971

This Is Tom Jones (1969-1971) is a seminal TV variety show that was uniquely filmed and broadcast internationally, on ATV (now ITV) in the UK, and ABC in the USA. This trans-continental series was produced by Lew Grade and the budget was a record-setting $9m. There are 65 1-hour weekly episodes and several Specials that open a window into the world of the music, performers and style of this colourful era.

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  1. I watched this show as a child as my mother was glued to the TV set, lol. I have now fallen in love with Tom’s charisma and voice. My Mom passed at a young age (50) so now I follow Tom Jones. Cant wait until he comes to NYC or Connecticut so I can see his performance. We had tickets to the Beacon Theatre in NYC but Tom got sick and it was cancelled. Would love to see him sometime this year.

  2. I too as a very young boy sat around waiting for this great weekly show to be aired on ABC . I was so thrilled to hear that Time life was putting this series out on dvd, I only wish we could have had all complete 3 seasons that originally aired.

  3. As kids my wife in Manila and me in Staffordshire had one thing in common – once a week we’d gather around the box to watch this groundbreaking show. Thirty years of married bliss later and Sir Tom is still our #1. Thank you and the Lord Grade (may he rest in peace). G n Y xx

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