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Wow, that was an intense and explosive performance at Scarborough! A show with all positive vibes and a unstoppable rhythm. A mind-blowing enthusiasm for not to forget, I want to enjoy that again. Thank you Tom, it was amazing. 😘💖

Marleen Van Vaerenbergh, Netherlands


Hi my name is Steve McCoy and I’m a Tom Jones Tribute artist who has had the good fortune and Blessed to be a mainstay on the Las Vegas strip performing as Tom Jones as well as knowing him for almost 30 years now. A more down to earth regular guy, you will never meet!
“TOTAL CLASS”! I owe a great debt of gratitude to this man, that I’ll never begin to be able to pay back… Through him and his music I’ve see the world. To all his fan’s, we all share the same common thread…. A true love and respect for a truly Dynamic singer/performer. And I just want to say, THANK YOU SIR and CHEER’S!

Steve McCoy, USA


Dear Tom, if I may familiarity. You do not know me, just know I’ll be in the Luna Park stadium on September 11. It is not a day like any other in Argentina …. Teacher’s Day is celebrated;)
I want to tell that this will be my first time in his concert and I will not sorrojar for it.
I want to tell the story of how I met him:
I was born in 1973, my father brought a vinyl that time I wanted to hear and record, and then if he liked and could do it, he buys it. For some reason I did not record it in 1973 and again in 1976 to get the same job.
I just turned 3 years old, forgive the disloyalty, he was taking a bath with my mother while music and a male voice filled the entire living.
The moment you hear the first song: Green Green grass of home, my mother told me that I bristled all skin (remember that I was just a girl of three years, I regret to say that my first words were not Tom Jones, as the daughter of his friend Mohamed Ali, but almost)
With my three years very loud I scream my father to up the volume and who was that man.
my father said he did not know before and I could only show the disc cover and read me his name. My surprise was great: First man I saw with such a body. Yes sir, with three years he was besotted and asking my father to let me hear all vinyl !!
Agreed, I think feeling a little celoso.Pero his father’s love was stronger, so in our department rang his beautiful and unmistakable voice for 40 years
Yessir … 40 years
And no reaction has changed in my
I wanted to share this because it will be the first time I see you in person, I am very proud and grateful that I have been invited by his Facebook page, sent the photo of the entrance and a photo album to listen. I will never forget that moment.
I look forward to the concert date arrives, sent him a big, warm hug, just wanted to share a funny story.
I’ll see you at 1w, 5d, 4h 7m 10 s 🙂 xxx
Mariela Pereira, Argentina


#TJOURNAL#ARGENTINA#LUNAPARK.It was one of those nights you never forget. Sir Tom Jones…you made me cry. Having you performing right in front of me it was one of the best musical/emotional experience I ever had. Thank you and your family for inviting me tonight and for giving me the chance to be a first row guest. You made me feel like a queen. My mother and I are eternally grateful. God bless that voice you have!!! The band sounds terrific and the guys are the most cool and professional musicians I ever seen.I loved the new versions of It’s not unusual, Delilah and Pussycat. You must be proud. See you all next time!!! We love you!!!

Luciana Salerno, Argentina



The Show in Windsor was fabulous ! Sir Tom Jones is a powerhouse of song.

Sally Parker Goulis, Canada


My dad´s favourite song of Tom Jones is “My Way”…In this picture are two of the most important people in my life, my dad (61 years old) and my grandma (96 years old)
Two beautiful humans who live theirs lives in the way the consider correct, given the best of them for their families, working hard
and showing lots of good examples for their sons and daughters. ..I would like to say “thanks” to them with an important present
and two tickets for Tom Jones concert in Argentina would be the best! would we awseome! and they would be really happy…thanks u!

Nayla Guitierrez, Argentina


Lots and lots of memories and memorabilia all good times many many concerts over the years and hope to see another one soon been a long time

Nancy Boehm, USA


Hi everybody!
just like to share with you a picture of me and my family(Nathalie,my wife;Thomas my son and Cynthia my daughter)
this picture was taken on the 25 of august 2009,backstage at the Greek Theatre
it’s,for the moment,the best time of my longtime fan life…
we’re back again this October,(me and my wife)and we hope to find 2 tickets for tom’ show at the Hollywood Bowl..!
kindest regards,

Vincent Stefanelli, USA


Sir Tom Jones – In my suitcase I would have the song “Tomorrow Night”. It is a beautiful love song that always brings back wonderful memories of when my husband and I first began dating. After 8 years of marriage and two beautiful daughters my husband was nearly killed when an 18 wheeler ran over him. He had fractures, bruises, and a very severe head trauma. The doctor explained that the damage was so extensive to his brain, the man I had married was gone. When he finally awoke his mother had to introduce me to him and explain that I was his wife. He first response was that he was not married, and definitely could not be married to someone as pretty as me. We have now been married for 35 years, and he still has questions about us, and no memory of our dating. Due to long term effects of the head trauma we have our good days, and our bad days. On exceptionally difficult days I listen to “Tomorrow Night” which helps me keep all the memories of us prior to his accident in my heart. I find it serendipitous that your contest ends on 8/25 because my birthday is on 8/25, as well as the 27th anniversary of the accident that nearly took my husband. (Yes my husband was almost killed on my birthday)
Thank you for helping my memories stay alive. #TJournal

Janice Newbold, USA


Mr. Tom Jones, In my Long Lost Suitcase, I chose this beautiful song (Baby as You Turn Away) that was part of his album “Do you take this man” which do not leave of listen. I’m from Chile, I am 21 years old (I already have my ticket), but I would go to your concert with my parents, who hear all your songs, above all; Delilah.

You’re the best!

Luis Valdivia Santis, Chile

Nayla Guitierrez, Argentina


I would put in my suitcase Supertramps ” Take The Long Way Home” ,because Music always helps me travel : ) . I would put in ” Kiss ” by Prince because it reminds me of the young Musical Legend who is Magical and gone 2 soon that I got to see at the Hollywood Palladium w/Encores :))) and of another Magical Legend whose Noteworthy and Not run of the Mill Usual Career Heartly Delights Fans Still . And speaking all those Musical Men leads me to think of the Queen of Soul #TJournal ” Dr Feel Good ” . God Bless Ms Queen of Soul Franklin . Bless You 2 Sir Tom . ROCK & SONG ON .

Wendy Givan, USA


These pictures are from the Nashville concert in 2014, I wanna win the tickets for the show in Argentina at LUNA PARK.

Adriana Nill, Argentina

imagen22#TJournal My long lost suitcase includes memories that have been recovering , am late to world, i have 25 years but it is never too late and more if it is to recognize my favorite singer legend.
I heard Sir Tom Jones for the first time when I was eight and from there I was eclipsed me with its monumental voice. Came to Colombia in 1974, i have newspaper clippings of the time on your visit and hope you come back, is welcome to the country. What brings me closer to him and his musical work are the old vinyls I’ve been geting and i’m slowly collecting and share with you. I was given a DVD with Tom Jones Hits, where he is singing I can not stop loving you in 81 , an emblematic theme is impressive interpretation. I hope to see him live for the first time in my life, i wanna go to Tom’s show at the Teatro Metropolitan, in Mexico City. It would be a dream fulfilled. Thank you for the chance!

Luis Carlos Castiblanco, Mexico



Sooooo many positive, fun and happy #LongLostSuitcase #memories for #TJournal but I will select one only: Meeting TJ and realizing what a wonderful, positive person he is and just loving him even more, beyond his music! An epic entertainer and a great guy, no wonder he’s was knighted by Queen Elizabeth! Seriously, sharing his talent has made so many people happy and we just love enjoying his touring adventures and peerless voice. Thank you, Sir Tom!

You’re the best!

Fay Maclachlan, USA

Nayla Guitierrez, Argentina


I don’t have a picture to post. But since I can speak and walk I have been listening to Tom Jones. His music truly soothes me. My all time favorite is green green grass of home. Tears EVERYTIME never gets old. I am a 26 years old who wishes she was born sooner to live the starting era of Tom Jones. It would be a dream come true to be able to see him live in concert. He was once in concert in San Diego I didn’t have tickets but I sat on the sidewalk and listened and sang my heart out.

Nanor Keloyan, USA


My wife, Carol, is an avid Tom Jones fan and has brought me to many concerts over the years. My favorite Tom Jones song is “The Boy From Nowhere”

Roger Weems, USA


My long lost memories of Tom Jones is listening to the 8 track every weekend while driving to the Jersey Shore with my family. On the way there, and on the way back. 150 miles each way. Singing What’s new pussycat? The Green, Green Grass of Home, and all the tracks.

I totally enjoyed the songs and the tunes bring comfort to me, even today, so many years later. Both my parents adored his voice, his personality, his sexuality and charisma on stage.

I would love to see him again, today!

Michele Cruz, USA


I would put in my long lost suitcase the following Mother by John Lennon,My Sweet Lord by George Harrison,Lets Stay Together by Al Green and finally the Master What Good am I by Sir Tom Jones. I had a wicked time this summer when he came to Hove Cricket Ground please come back again soon xx

Lin Martin, UK

001My Long Lost Suitcase would have to include the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembly Stadium in London.
As you can see from the photo, I was nowhere near the action. However this show had a tremendous impact on my life.
I was 18 years old at the time and traveling abroad from New Jersey all alone; it was frightening and exciting all at the same time.

If not for this trip I doubt I would have ever had the chance to visit more of England, and make my first trips to Wales and Scotland.
If not for this trip I may not have become a Tom Jones fan as well. The diversity on the radio stations I heard during this
trip was unlike anything I was hearing in the States at the time and certainly impacted my search for new artists and new sounds(well new to me anyway).
My Long Lost Suitcase started here in April 1992, I have been filling it with wonderful musical memories ever since.
I look forward to reading about others memories, I may just find a new artist for my suitcase.

Thomas Bromirski, USA


Since I have memory I have had my own suitcase of memories. It just that I have not realized that it was lost until a year ago when I couldn ‘t find my long time and treasured ticket concerts box,at the apartment where I moved some years ago, in Buenos Aires, Argentina ( that’s where I’m from). I’m pretty sure that box full of tickets of the concerts I’ve been witnessing since a was at least 10 was the first thing I took with me when I moved from my parents home. That’s why I still can’t understand why something that was so important for me is lost. I stil look for it, once in a while. I have the illusion that I will be able to see those tickets again. Tickets like Paul McCartney s concerts since 1993, The Rolling stones in 2010, Liza Minelli, and so many rock artists like Guns n Roses. So that lost includes the last two concerts of Sir Tom Jones at Luna Park, in Buenos Aires. I went to the concerts with my mother to both shows and they are the greatest mother and daugther memories I have today in my heart. So I’m proud to say that I do have a long lost suitcase or so and that I’m still hoping to find it one of this days in a non expected place. In the meantime I try not to cry for those lost tickets, not to feel nostalgic for the past and I’m looking for new memories, new concerts and experience because we are still here, to share a new show with Tom. We are in good shape Tom, my mom and I. So to celebrate the present I take this chance to see Tom Jones with my mom one more time while we both listening our other treasures, Tom’s records and vinyls. Oh yes! We have vinyls, those are part of my fathers collection and it would be in my long lost suitcase but it doesn’t because that music is part of our everyday soundtrack. So there you go 🙂 Would you give this lady and her mom another chance to see Tom Jones in Argentina one more time? Thank you so much for reading. With love,


Luciana, Argentina


I will never forget the first time I met Mr. Tom Jones. It is one of the greatest memories I will ever have. It was the summer of 1992 in Cohasette Massachusetts. It was the second time I had seen Tom. The first time was in Lowell Ma in 1987, but this time was different. My boyfriend and I were determined to meet him that night just to shake his hand. The night was clear and the weather was perfect. We were so excited to see him enter the stage that I couldn’t help screaming his name until I lost my voice. He started the show with “I can’t turn you loose” and I was stunned at how amazing the energy was. After the show, we got in our car and waited outside for what seemed like forever. We did not get to see him at the venue, but as we were leaving his bus was also pulling out of the parking lot. We decided to follow it (we were just kids at the time by the way). Tom’s bus pulled into his hotel/restaurant and without thinking, we jumped out to try and meet him. We walked up to him and might have startled him a bit. I think we must have looked like we had seen a ghost. It was the most thrilling moment I had ever experienced..being in front of Tom in a parking lot! We introduced ourselves, shook his hand and asked if he would take a picture with us. He was very kind and said of course. We went back the next night to see him again in Beverley Ma and had one of his crew brought the picture to him and he autographed it for us. I think we talked about that night a million times since then. After that night, I think we saw him at least another 18 times in the last 24 years… Harbor lights in Boston, House of Blues in Boston, Lowell, Foxwoods, Atlantic City, every year in Beverly and my favorite place of course Cohasette Ma. I am so glad he is back touring in the states again. The best part of his return is that my 22 year old nephew has a chance to see him now also. He is almost as big a fan as I was when I met him that night in Cohasette..when I was almost his age. I’ve enclose the pic of that first meeting with Tom and the second pic is the first time my nephews saw his show in 2008 (again in Cohasette). Thank you Tom for giving us something to look forward to when life is so busy and stressful. We love you!


Shirley Kalogeropoulos, USA


When I first fell in love with Tom Jones and his music I was very young. Once I got older I continued the infatuation with his incredible voice. As so many amazing artists passed on I said we will never hear voices like that again. I meant this about Luther, Whitney, Bowie…but always said we still have Tom! His voice is so powerful and incredible and I’m certainly not ready to lose that. I have seen Tom many times in concert from Asbury Park to Atlanic City. Now I hope to see him in Montclair, NJ. My brother once asked me how it felt to have a crush on the same person our grandmother has a crush on … I said “it feels great!” Thanks for your continued commitment to your fans Tom and I was sorry to learn about the passing of your wife. She sounds lovely. I also loved your book! Thanks for sharing! You Rock!

Kimberley Ramalho, USA


I am a big fan and have been for 50 years. Starting with “What’s new pussycat ?” My Mom and I only went to one concert together and it was to see Tom at Mountaineer in Ohio. She has passed since than and yet it is still and always will be one of my favorite memories. I feel like he has been a wonderful part of my life. I would very much like to see him again.

Jocelyn McCool, USA



As a young child of two I would love to listen and dance to your albums. At 12 I saw you for the first and only time at Melody Fair in NY. I would love to see you for one last time. I have always loved you! and still do.

Jodi Eaton, USA


Just wanted to express our appreciation for the amazing Mr Tom Jones.
My mother Donna has been a fan since the 60s. Several Atlantic City shows among others has been great memories. I have attended several myself with her & many of our family. Looking forward to seeing more shows soon. Thank you Tom for your great voice & superior entertainment! !

David Albright, USA

ltbdayMy long lost suitcase would include memories are all about my mom who passed away 3 years ago. She loved Tom my whole life. One of my first music memories are of Toms songs…pussycat, unusual, shes a lady and many others. I grew to love him as well and took my mom to see him at Pechanga Casino as a surprise. It was the last show she went to when she was still well
enough. She had to best time and although she couldn’t see so well by that time, she was so excited and dancing
and loving every minute of it! I will never forget sharing that with her. He was amazing and one of the best
performers I have ever seen. Seeing him again would be so great and I know my mom would be right beside me! She wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Tina Feinberg, USA


I heard Tom Jones incredible voice and songs when I was 11 years old, since then I’m a great fan.
I love all his songs, but I also love his charming personality.
I’ve never been in one of his concerts, but I will love it.
It’s awesome to know that he’ll come to Mexico!

Karen Ruiz Diaz, Mexico



I grew up loving Tom after my Mom introduced me to his music. We went to every single concert whenever he came to the Memphis area… he looked exactly like the attached pics. I had all the albums and tour books, until a fire claimed them in 1993 so, I’ve spent the last 23yrs trying to rebuild my collection.
I can still hear him sing “Delilah” and “Green Green Grass of Home” in particular. GOOD MEMORIES!!
I would love to see him in concert once again.

Lisa D Moody, USA


My Tom Jones long lost suitcase would include the pictures I have taken with him over the years and all of the decca material from 1965-1976.

Vince Lijoi, USA


I have never been able to attend a Tom Jones Concert but have been a huge fan for years. I live in the Southwest and his Tour won’t be coming this way but I am entering the contest for the tickets anyway. Here are some of my
favorites: If I Only Knew; Help Yourself; It’s Not unusual; She’s A Lady; Thunderball; Mama Told me not to Come;
and The Green, Green Grass of Home. Blessings and and prayers for a safe tour for Tom and his crew.

Bettie Whipple, USA


Hi Tom,

I loved your show in Montreal in the mid-1990s. I drove 2 hours to Montreal, picked up my Mom and went to see you great show at the Centre Molson. I would love to take my mom to see you again during this fall’s North American tour.


Allen Summers, USA


tommyOne of the most AMAZING talents!!

Nereida Howe, USA


I have only seen  Tom Jones once and taut was because he opened for Morrissey in Los Angeles a few years back. Ever since I was hypnotized with his voice and performance.

Walter Trigueros, USA

ireland-profile-pictureI’ve been a fan of Tom Jones for longer than I care to admit. I used to watch This is Tom Jones on TV. I’ve seen him in concert several times from Connecticut to Miami Beach and most recently at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. I’ve always loved his beautiful tenor voice. Fortunately since I was a teenager when he first got my attention my parents became fans as well, and they gifted me with several of his concerts while I was growing up. I would love to see him perform at the Warner Theatre on September 25th, but due to too many expenses this summer I could not get tickets. Thank you.

Suzanne Connell, USA


My favourite Sir Tom Jones memory is from when I was about nine or ten years old. My Uncle Richard had a 1967
blue Camaro. He would take his sons and me around in the summer time for rides and play all his Tom Jones tapes.
We all sang at the top of our lungs and had a blast. Our favourite was She’s A Lady. Uncle Richard loved Green
Green Grass of Home. That’s required in the South. My Uncle Richard has since passed away but when I think of him I remember all the fun we had singing every Tom Jones song he owned. Now days I am making new memories with my
daughters singing out lungs out to every thing from 1965 to Long Lost Suitcase. So thanks Sir Tom for the sound
track to my life. Keep it coming.

Lisa Bruckshen, USA



journalI started to listen to Tom Jones when I was about 10years old or younger… I remember my mother playing his albums on our stereo console , blasting his music and singing to every song word for word… Well that’s how I got Hooked..I am now 60 years young and my Mother is 87 years young and we travel by car a lot and play Tom every where we go and still sing and Blast all of our favorite songs… He makes us smile , cry, and get chills every time he sings… I would love nothing more to see him in concert,,, with my Mom of course..Ohhh … I’m getting my girlfriends hooked also… I took them to a concert in Rochester,N.Y and when he came on stage.. One of my girlfriends said…. Oh my… I thought Tom Jones was BLACK… How funny… We LOVE YOU Tom…. What a voice… 👍😘

Lynn Jones, USA


I grew up listening to Sir Tom. My mom was a huge fan. When I turned 16 my parents asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told them the only thing I wanted was to see Tom in concert! So that’s what I got. In Columbus Ohio back in 1981. My suitcase would have What’s new pussycat, Green green grass of home and She’s a lady. Both my parents are gone now and I haven’t seen Sir Tom since. Would LOVE to win a pair of tickets!

Kelly Rooker, USA


I have been an admirer of Sir Tom’s since I was 13 years old-(I’m 62 now) and was even a secretary of one of his Long Island fan clubs in BayShore, NY (TJ’s Luv Bugs)I
ve met Sir Tom many times backstage over the years and recently had a wonderful reunion with him at the Barnes and Noble concert/Q and A for this CD and he signed many CDs and Books for me! I am attending the Beacon Theater concert on September 21st and now would love to win tickets for his Philadelphia show!!! He is still my FAVORITE MALE SINGER OF ALL TIME!!!! and can sing any genre of music-no other artist can do this!!! My favorites include “Love Me Tonight” “Help Yourself” “Say You’ll Stay Until Tomorrow” etc.

Barbara Derbabian, USA

imageThis link I’ve attached is my all time favorite song og Sir Tom’s. Everytime he sings it I find it hard to breathe. One of his best renditions was with the Edmonton Orchestra — oh my goodness, it doesn’t get any better. Saw him first in Las Vegas in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I lived right behind the Sahara Hotel. Vegas at its best. I now live in the Washington, DC metro area. Can’t go without seeing him.
There is no better singer alive today with his range and talent. Sir Tom is a treasure.

Janie Bartlett, USA



My greatest moment

Pat Davis, USA


I am a 50 year old retired Army veteran and presently a middle school history teacher. My earliest memory of Mr. Jones music is my mom cleaning the house when I was very young dancing around to It’s Not Unusual and then getting me to sing Delilah. Later when I was older his cover of the Prince song Kiss made me love his music even more. As I have gotten older Ive come to appreciate his music even more.

Greg Evans, USA


Hi Tom,Hoping to see you in Philly !! My suitcase would include those standards of course but I love Tom’s version of “IF”, I’m Coming Home, The Boy From Nowhere, Baby It’s Cold Outside, My Mother’s Eyes and a very favorite Danny Boy.I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, It’s very hard to pick just a few ! Chills And Fever, It’s Not Unusual.Once Upon A Time,With These Hands,If Ever I Would Leave You,Green Green Grass Of Home,Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings,I’ll Never Fall In Love Again,I’m Coming Home,Delilah,Help Yourself,Love Me Tonight,Fly Me To The Moon,Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay 16,Without Love,I Who Have Nothing, To Love Somebody
She’s A Lady,Puppet Man,Do What You Gotta Do, In Dreams, You’re My World,Till,Kiss,You Can Leave Your Hat On, Burning Down The House,Mama Told Me Not To Come,Sexbomb, Sometimes We Cry and Black Betty !!! I have them all in vinyl !!! Love you from Delaware !!

Wanda James, USA


My family and I have been fans since your weekly TV show This is Tom Jones. We have been traveling the East Coast attending your shows. So happy to hear you’re heading back to the USA.In memory of my brother Warren who was a loyal fan I would love to go to your show. Thanks so much for all of the great memories.

Maureen O’Brien, USA



I’ve seen Tom Jones approximately 99 times since 1970 and would love to see him again

Debbie Trachtenberg, USA


So excited for the Long Lost Suitcase release!!!!!! The first concert I ever saw was Tom Jones in second grade at the Rosemont Theater in Chicago. I would love to see him again in Chicago to play Delilah!! Will always be one of my favorite songs of all time. #TJournal #Longlostsuitcase #lovetomjones

Mallory Gray, USA


I discovered Tom’s music 2008 and from them on I have never stop listening to his new songs. He’s always offering fresh music to his fans, which is really appreciated. My last TJ concert was in Frankfurt, June 26 2015. I remember being impressed with his powerful voice and the good reception of his new songs, for example “why don’t you love me like you used to do?” and “raise a ruckus”. But the song I remember the most was from another Ethan James Album, it was “The Tower of Song”. When Tom sang “I was born with the gift of a golden voice” many of us clapped and laughed. I live in Germany since many years, but my mother Georgina Maureira lives in Santiago de Chile and I would be very, very happy if I could surprise her with a couple of tickets for Tom’s concert at Teatro Caupolican. I hope I’m lucky!. My Picture is not from a concert, but from my concert ticket, the album I bought right after it was launched and his book, which I really enjoyed reading the past weeks. Good luck in the Americas Tour!

Claudia Sánchez Maureira, Argentina

Wanda James, USA


I can never forget those evenings watching your show along with my mother way back in the early 70’s. Ever since then, I too, became a fan of Mr. Tom Jones. There’s no denying the talent and outstanding vocal abilities (not to mention the stunning good looks) that he is blessed with. His music became a part of my growing up and have yet to see him performing live. I’m so glad that he finally will make it down here in the “Big Apple” State (New York). Still trying for those tickets!!! Thank You Mr. Jones for your Music!!

Tammy Madiou, USA



My long lost suitcase would certainly include “It’s Not Unusual” for sure. I’ve been a fan since I watched “This is Tom Jones” with my mom. Now, my cell ringtone is my favorite song!

Sharleme McDuffie, USA


I haven’t seen Tom in many years. My favorite show was at Warwick Musical Tent in R.I. I love every single song he sings. I would like him to consider in the long lost suitcase would be My Way, A Boy from Nowhere and Help Me Make it Through the Night.

Annemarie Day, USA


When I first saw you in UK and you were singing ITS NOT UNUSUAL I said you would be famous I have been to your show’s over here in Adelaide so many times and really loved them ,and you are still famous. Nora, Australia x x x


I have been a fan since I was four years old and also my mother. When my mother was going to turn 50 years old
her one wish was to see you before she died! You just happened to be performing in Atlantic City so I surprised my mother with tickets to your show. She never took her eyes off of you. I have been fortunate to see you about 8 times but will sadly not be able to make your show in Philadelphia. I have been waiting so long for your return and
I’ll be away that week 😭 Have a great show!

Donna Serrano Rios Diaz, USA


Tom Jones Family Japan Fan Club 10th Anniversary

Masanori Teramura, Japan


I have been a fan of Tommy since Since I first saw him on Top of the Pops singing :It”s not unusual in 1965.I fell in love with the man and the voice and have been ever since.I first saw him live in a hall in Bradford in 67.I saw him again on Preston in 74 and quite a few times at the N.E.C in Birmingham.It has always been my lifelong ambition to meet him.💟

Angela Pantus, UK


The one and only,with the “Golden Voice”
A performance with love and joy.
Sir Tom Jones
Sunday 17 July at the 1st Central County Ground,Hove

Marleen Van Vaerenbergh, Belguim


Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago Oct 3 2016. Have enjoyed three of your concerts this far. Loved you since i was 14 and watched your This Is Tom Jones TV Show.

Lori Schmidgall, USA

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 13.42.12

Summer of Vaasa, Finland 2016.

Timmy Harley, Finland


It has been 8 years since I have seen Tom and really look forward to seeing him at Casino Rama on September 18th – so glad you are returning to Canada Tom.

Gail Wentzloff, Canada

14697922097236th time seeing Tom at Tatton Park and loving every second of it #weloveyoutom ❤ #concertbythelake #TJournal

Michelle Phillips, UK


Here are my memories from Vaasa festival, Finland, Thanks Tom, you delivered again, like 4 yrs ago in Pori,..Thanks for giving such a great time again!😊😀😁👍

Selina Slioor, Finland


My 1 st ever concert and what a concert it was. Sir Tom put on an amazing show. thank you so much for the best night of my life and thank you to you band too they were outstanding. front row seats in front of the massive speakers, couldn’t have had it any better, Outstanding!

Keith Gumbrell, UK


Like so many of TJ’s fans, I have been a fan for 45 years now. This had to be the happiest day of my life. Almost a year later and I still smile uncontrollably when I look at the picture!!!

Christine Meier, USA


I am a Brazilian visual artist, that the picture I am with my boyfriend, a Peruvian composer who admires Tom Jones.
This photo shows the day my boyfriend bought his first vinyl record.
It was a store with incredible options. It was the day we returned home with Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas.
Today I heard on the radio that Tom Jones will travel to Brazil on September 13.
The day of our dating anniversary!!!! So magical!!!!!
I bought the show tickets to make a surprise for my boyfriend.

Jessica Sati, Brazil


I have been a fan since I was 14, now 51. So many wonderful memories when you were in Vegas. Caesars and Bally’s. I was there every appearance for 14 years. Haven’t seen you in 24 years, but you are coming to Oklahoma in October. I will be at Win Star Casino Oct 8. So excited.

Sharon Abney, USA

Selina Slioor, Finland



This evening at Botanical Gardens in Uppsala Sweden, a superb concert with a great man. We thank you!

Julie Hodgson, Sweden


#TJournal #Benátská!2016 #TomJones

Luboš Levek, Czech Republic


Dear Tom,
You were wonderful in Czech Republic. I came all the way from Austin, Texas to see you. You always have a great show. Please don’t ever stop performing. You have a golden voice for sure. Please come to Austin, Texas in November. We love you here in TEXAS.

Bernice Bullock, USA


I had the great honour of meeting Sir Tom in the American Bar of the Savoy in 2014. He is so gracious and allowed me to have a photo with him. Thanks to Don for taking the photo! Thanks for the music and the memories.

Andrew Wightman, UK


Read a book about Elvis who praised a singer called Tom Jones, I bought reload then worked backwards down the years, loved the voice and in 2002 if I remember correctly me and a friend traveled to Manchester to see Tom…..That was my first time…. Scotland in 2016 was my 15th time…..Even went to Vegas for a show…..2009 me and my missus went to Cardiff and bumped into Tom in a bar…..What a night to remember and what a gentleman….And last year again I met him this time in Dublin and meet again a true gentleman and had plenty of time for me a fan! Look forward till the next time!!!

Brian Griffith, UK


Green, green grass of home. Tom Jones concert at the Botanic Garden in Uppsala Sweden. #TJournal

Mona-Lena Jangekull, Sweden