Black Betty

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  1. Sir Tom, found you and Black Betty by accident recently one night and since then I have been hooked/fascinated/pulled to not only your vocals but the choreography and cinematography. Even if I didn’t know you from when I was in 6th grade and hooked on “She’s a Lady,” everything about you in this video screams, “This man is cool!” Can someone post a cast for the video? I am interested in who the back up singers are, the bass player, the two waiters, the dancer featured with a very sharpened moved for a fraction of a second, the African-American gentleman with the cane doing some of the bridge vocals, the Latino gentleman sitting at a table with an attractive woman… They were all great! Thank you!

  2. Tom, I love the black betty video. Thanks for years of giving us the best of what you got. I am 52 and grew up with resurrection shuffle and she’s a lady. My Aunt is around 80 and went to your concerts a long time ago. Our love of your talent was the only thing we rally had in common. She recently sent me her 8-track collection of your music.

    I saw you at the mgm grand two yeard ago (my girlfriend threw the red bra onto stage) We loved the look on your face as you touched it with the toe of your shoe!

    Chet Showalter

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