You Need Love Like I Do

[pro-player width=’560′ height=’500′ type=’video’ image=’/wp-content/uploads/videos/youneedlovelikeido.png’]/wp-content/uploads/videos/youneedlovelikeido.flv[/pro-player]

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  1. Wish it was me singing with this Man. I could really put myself into this song and Rock It! Ah fantasies, fantasies! Whatever!
    Cest La Vie! and bon Chance! Sir Tom on all your Future endeavors. Avid fan from way back- Play your songs to warm up vocals singing daily with them! That and of course Il Divo Music!!! :}Ciao Monique

  2. Hi Sir Tom: If you wanted someone to just stand next to you and shake their boobs why didn’t you ask me? Mine are real, no plasic and no hair extensions – I’m the real deal. You are looking very sexy in your leather jacket. Good luck on your tour and hope to see you back in New Joisey soon – as I am having separation anxiety.

  3. Hi Tom,just came across this track on your website with Miss Heather Small.
    Why was this not on your 24hr album,or on sale as a single it is brill and would do very well.
    Where can i get it if anywhere,are you going to do a album of duets like this with such singers as Heather Small,Robbie Williams,etc.I have voted for you and him in this yrs Brit Wards hope you do well.Good Luck

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