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  1. Heard this for the first time at The House of Blues in Houston. Great song. Tom Jones is a hallmark entertainer and his voice has the power and presence I remember from “This is Tom Jones”…many years ago..

    • Just registered on Sir Tom’s website. Am a pensioner now but used to watch him on TV with my Dad when I was a little girl. Have watched is career progress over many years. It is great to see him now as a veteran – thank goodness, not wearing the tight pants anymore. He is still just as fabulous as he ever was and I love this song, The Tower Of Song.
      Well done to Sir Tom, I am very impressed with his excellent transition from the tight pants to the super sexy mature man.
      PS: I am now trying to get tickets somewhere this year to see him, but now realise that I must wait until next year – there is nothing left. Oh owe is me!

  2. After yesterday’s concert in Sofia, the least I can say is a huge “THANK YOU”. Thank you for the chance of getting in touch with an authentic, awesome musical genius. Thank you, also, for the possibility to enjoy the live performance of a wonderful person, a youthful spirit, full of energy, love and with a great sense of humor!
    Yesterday I was at the concert with my daughter and I was really sorry that her grandfather could not live so long as to be there with us and listen to his most admired singer, who has showed to three generations of our family how to discern and feel good music.
    We all love you. Thank you and God bless you, Sir Tom Jones!

  3. I saw Tom Jones live performance on the View this week and stopped everything to sit down and listen to this very moving performance. Tom Jones has created a master piece and has bridged all generations with his soulful blues and his own personal artistic style. I come from a family of musician of all types of music and my parents listened to Tom Jones. I am 54 years old and I honestly cannot think of a better performing artist at this time. His performance is a gift that touches the listener. Suburb, amazing, congratulations! I honestly believe Tom Jones has done something truly unique and special. I only wish I could get to PA or NY for the concerts this weekend and I hope one is coming to my area or the southwest. I live in AZ. I really appreciate what he has created I’d even consider getting to an upcoming concert. Its that good! Tom Jones, BRAVO!

  4. hi thomas ireally love your songs and thomas ireally love to see you in person tell you how iloveyou alot and every single night iam thinikng of you and thomas ireally would like to have lunch date withyou reallysoon. thomas my favortie song is leaving on a jetplaneandwear your ring when youcome back. thomas ilove you with all myheart andsoul. thomas youare my hottiger and youare my soul mate and iam your soulmate we belong together forever.thomas ilove you all your songs. love wandy morales. thomas you are very handsome man and you are very hot sexy man.

  5. Well Tom it is a georgous Fall day here in Utah and I am still waiting to hear that you are coming to Las Vegas. My birthday is in Febuary, that would make for me a great birthday. That would be the 3rd time to see you. I saw you in Vegas in the sixties, WOW what a treat,and I saw you in Seattle. You age very well, you are still sexy as hell…..hey that rhymes, but I am serious. Take care and sing on……..Nancy Beth

  6. A mitad de la canción me saltaron unas lágrimas, sentí placer al escucharlo con esa voz tan especial e inconfundible y al mismo tiempo sentí rabia al ver lo que hace el paso del tiempo el cual no se puede detener.
    Mi total admiración ante este prodigio de facultades irrepetibles.

    Un saludo y un abrazo TOM

  7. What an incredibly beautiful song Tom! So heart felt. I hope you’re doing OK. Enjoy the hot weather we are having right now in LA! 🙂 From one Welsh Man to another. Have a great weekend!

  8. I was lucky enough to be in the front row on Fiday at Hamilton. Yet another fabulous performance, just gets better and better, perfect selection of songs. Wish I could do it all again tonight, after the tennis that is! love it , love it, love it.

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