Tom Jones By Michael Roffman

We all recognize his voice, we all know his face. He’s one of the biggest entertainers in music history, having sold over 100 million albums worldwide since he hit the scene in the ’60s. If he’s not performing 15-20 shows in Las Vegas, he’s making another memorable cameo somewhere in the film industry. Call him magical, call him unusual, but without a doubt, he’s out of this world. They call him Sir Tom Jones and after 40 years he continues to champion on. His relevancy is hardly questionable, as he’s endlessly cited as an influence by every other new singer to hit the market. His most recent studio foray, last year’s 24 Hours, charmed critics and fans alike. Songs like the soul-grasping “I’m Alive” or the funky swooning sensation “Give A Little Love” remind listeners why the Welsh legend has always found a place in their record collection.

Having said that, we’re pretty psyched about our recent interview with Sir Jones. That’s an understatement, really. Truth is, we’re still in disbelief. Here’s a guy that could (arguably) put Frank Sinatra to the test, who could walk into any establishment and tear down the walls piece by piece, without ever using anything but his voice. Here’s a guy who could survive an alien invasion (a la 1996’s Mars Attacks!) and yet still find the time to sing by the end of the chaos. Well, that last part might be fictional, but hey, it benefits our own argument.

So, wait no more, and listen to what the real boss has to say…