Kumars at No.42 - BBC America

166735_1.31BBC America Part scripted comedy, part improvisation, part genuine interview, Kumars at No. 42 is like nothing you've seen before. The Kumars are a typical (albeit exaggerated) Indian-British family, living in North London, who have come across a unique method of "keeping up with the Joneses". They have bulldozed their back yard and built a state-of-the-art TV studio from where they host their very own talk show. Last year Tom and Jools Holland appeared on the show to promote their new album 'Tom Jones and Jools Holland'. Here in an interview on BBC America Kumars' host Sanjeev tells all about what it was like to interview 'the Voice'... Sanjeev on Working with Tom Jones Q: What was it like working with Tom Jones? Sanjeev Kumar: Obviously Tom Jones and I have been mutual admirers for years, even though he'd never heard of me. But I feel it works like back taxes, all the admiration he owed me came flooding out even though my family claim they couldn't see it. Also we had two love Gods on the show, how often does that happen? Q: Were you nervous to meet him? Sanjeev: I was nervous because I knew Tom had to deal with my family. I have to deal with them every day, Tom had to deal with them for 30 minutes, I feared it could be his last. Granny particularly had designs on Tom and I don't mean the kind you can find in the Guggenheim. Q: Even though you paid him in chutney, was there anything Tom wouldn't do? Any questions Tom wouldn't answer? Sanjeev: Well he was very vague about whether I could be in his band or indeed whether he would ever talk to me again. Q: You know how those stars can be, what was the most unexpected thing Tom did? Sanjeev: He was nice to my family, I'm always shocked when superstars are nice to them. Don't they realize they only have to be nice to me? Q: You're known for your innovative interview techniques and in-depth research. Still, were you surprised that Tom appeared on the show? Sanjeev: Not surprised but shocked. Tom Jones is a superstar known all over the world, I'm amazed he accepted a local bus ticket to get to our house. Find out more about this episode and watch clips online at http://www.bbcamerica.com/content/207/index.jsp