Mirror Interview

Tom JonesMUSIC legend Tom Jones is about to storm the charts once again with dance act Chicane and a storming rendition of Stoned In Love.We've interviewed the Welsh superstar and you can now download a Podcast version to listen to at your leisure. Tom talks about his life, his music and, of course, his new single - together with samples of the new song which is released today, April 24. Chicane expect Stoned in Love to be another chart-topper following their earlier hits, Offshore, Saltwater and Don't Give Up. You can learn more about Chicane at www.manifesto-records.com/chicane or download the track at www.7digital.com/chicane. To listen all you need to do is subscribe to the PODCAST for free in iTunes. Download iTunes for free at www.apple.com/itunes/download then open the ADVANCED tab in iTunes and then click on SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST and paste in the following URL...


EXCLUSIVE: TOM JONES PODCAST Daily Mirror, By Steve Purcell