Moving Out To The Country

JoolsTom is featured on two of the tracks on Jools Holland's new album "Moving Out To The Country", which has just been released. The two songs are "I Wish I Was 18 Again" and "Friends Not Lovers". Jools says, "A couple of years ago I made a record with Tom. It was one of the most enjoyable records I have ever made because Tom is such great company and so fantastic in the studio. I was so pleased and honoured when it went platinum that I hoped we would be able to do a little more, and I am pleased to say, here we have. He and I wrote "Friends Not Lovers" and were thinking of it as a duet but once we heard Tom singing it we thought it was best just to leave it to him. The other song, Tom found. One of his early hits was "Green Green Grass Of Home" which Tom had found on an obscure Jerry Lee Lewis b-side. "I Wish I Was 18 Again" comes from the same source". A micro site is available with full tracklisting and opportunity to purchase the album at