Non-stop fun as Sir Tom struts his stuff

Sir Tom Jones justified the moniker of The Voice beyond a shadow of a doubt in Christchurch last night.3377074 The Welsh singing star took the stage at the Town Hall to a deafening roar from a crowd that was there for a good time. So was Tom actually. He smiled, joked, winked, danced and of course sang, non-stop for just under two hours.

Jones, who turns 70 this year, didn't miss a beat. Apart from the 10-piece backing band being slightly overwhelming a few times, the show was slick, tight, professional and heaps of fun.

Hitting the stage with Sugar Daddy, (written for him by U2's Bono), the Welsh singing legend revelled in the lyrics which are essentially a mickey take.

Things quickly warmed up on stage and off. A size 24 pair of knickers were being waved around at one point. They looked as though they had something written on them; it might have been a phone number but on size 24 undies? Maybe it was an international number.

As the sweat poured and the songs flowed, Jones asked the audience, is it hot in here? Or am I just having a hot flush? He was really enjoying himself and so was the audience.

Delilah had us on our feet singing and waving. Leave Your Hat On, Mama Told Me Not To Come, Hard to Handle, What's New Pussycat, Put your Sweet Lips - they were all here and they were stunning.

After answering the demanding audience and returning for an encore, he blew the roof off the Town Hall with another two songs, including the Prince hit, Kiss.

Sweet and strong support was provided by the very talented Auckland musician Anna Coddington.

REVIEW Sir Tom Jones, at the Christchurch Town Hall, Thursday, February 25. Reviewed by Ali Jones