Still excited about Tom Jones - The Philippine Star

FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (The Philippine Star) It was just a brief and simple announcement in this column a few weeks ago, but it was enough to stir a flood of inquiries from hundreds of excited and jubilant music fans titillated by the prospect of watching live a rare musical event featuring one of the world’s most enduring singers and entertainers.


I refer to the “curtain-raiser” item (Funfare, Jan. 20) announcing that international balladeer and artist Tom Jones is coming to Manila to perform at a one-night concert on March 28 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Promoter Renen de Guia of Ovation Productions has confirmed to Funfare that the show, billed as Tom Jones Live In Manila!, will be staged as scheduled as he expressed elation over the widespread interest in the event, as indicated by the number of calls, text messages and e-mails being received by his office since the item came out.

From faraway London, Renen said he got an e-mail from Ms. Jennie Harris, Tom Jones’ representative, who read the Funfare item in the on-line edition of The Philippine STAR and expressed pleasant surprise at the early media plug on the musical event.

But none could perhaps match the range of the Tom Jones fever that has gripped the local concert circuit and galvanized thousands of fans who have yearned to watch the singing legend perform live his greatest hits that they have loved and adored through the years.

Jose Mari Chan was exuberant in his praise for Jones: “The Tom Jones concert will really be a great treat for Filipino fans. It will be an experience to watch this musical icon perform here. He is an exciting act to watch.”

Mike Enriquez said, “Tom Jones’ hits have become enduring classics, enjoying regular airplay on radio over the years. Ardent music fans never seem to get tired listening to them.”

According to De Guia, Ovation Productions was fortunate to be given the opportunity to mount the one-night-only concert in Manila as part of the forthcoming Asia-Australia tour of Tom Jones, also including New Zealand.