The Sunday Times 100 Best Records of The Year

The Sunday Times Culture Magazine posted their 100 Best Records of the Year yesterday (09/12/12) and we are more than happy to report that 'Spirit In The Room' came in at Number 12 (out of 20) in their Rock and Pop category.

Mark Edwards and Dan Cairn had this to say about the record...                                                                                                                                                                "The showbiz belter finally finds his true voice on an earthy, raw mix of blues and songs by Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. The entertainer becomes an artist."

The Rock and Pop category was a strong one, with Frank Ocean's 'Channel Orange' coming in first place, Bobby Womack's 'The Bravest Man in the Universe' in fourth, The Macabees 'Given to the Wild' in fifth and Bat For Lashes 'The Haunted Man' in eighth place.

We're also celebrating for Jack White (a recent collaborator of Tom's) as his album 'Blunderbuss' came in at number 16.

It's a nice accolade to end the year with, so thank you to The Times!