The Power and Magnificence of Sir Tom Jones - Yahoo Music Live Session & Interview

In the ranks of contemporary music, there are precious few whose status is such that they have been awarded a literal knighthood from the Queen for the services they have rendered.For that matter, there are perhaps even fewer whose live performances have consistently featured enraptured women tossing their undergarments toward the stage. And even fewer of them have the voice—and the charisma—of legendary singer Tom Jones.


Since his 1965 hit “It’s Not Unusual,” the Welsh-born vocalist has been a pop music presence with a talent that simply will not quit. Through an admirable string of hits that have crossed the decades--”What’s New Pussycat” and “Delilah” in the ‘60s, “She’s A Lady” in the ‘70s, “Kiss,” his Prince cover with Art Of Noise in the ‘80s,”and his “Sex Bomb” of 2000—Jones has maintained a loyal audience, one that has grown with each generation.

And indeed, even today, at the ripe age of 73, Sir Tom still has it and can show it at will. Most recently, Sir Tom has displayed his talents via a critically lauded album—his 40th, believe it or not—titled Spirit In The Room, a masterful set produced by Ethan Jones sounding every bit as contemporary as the latest albums by artists half a century younger.

Featuring compositions by the diverse likes of Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Blind Willie Johnson and Odetta, among others, Spirit In The Room displays a tastefulness and artistic maturity that few other than Jones could successfully pull off half as convincingly. His vocals—still a bastion of strength, and the asset that has long given him his nickname as “The Voice” in his homeland—remain in top form, his humor and self-awareness have not tapered one iota, and his presence, never particularly small, is, as always, one of a kind. Y! Music was honored with Sir Tom’s presence in our studios recently—and to say it was one of our most memorable sessions to date would be an understatement. Showcasing the material from Spirit In The Room, and offering up a warm and revealing interview that oozed with the personal charisma and charm that has long been his hallmark, the singer effortlessly dazzled us. We suspect he will dazzle you as well. See for yourself.