Tom Jones In Exclusive Session - The Sun Bizarre Sessions

Watch Tom Jones Perform Burning Hell for The Sun Bizarre Session Here I WAS honoured to have Welsh legend TOM JONES grace the Sun studios for a Biz Session.

His career has spanned an incredible 50 years and the basement walls are still shaking from his booming voice.

After performing rousing renditions of Run On and Burning Hell from his recent album Praise & Blame, Tom recalled the time he caught ROBBIE WILLIAMS sneaking up on him at home in LA. In fact, he revealed he was the one who convinced Rob and wife AYDA FIELD to set up home in the swanky Mulholland Estates.

He said: "Living near Robbie is great. I distinctly remember the day he first set foot in the area. It was a great day all round.

"I had been for a health check-up and all was good. I was in my garage drinking beer and I heard this voice coming from over the fence.

"I looked round and it was Robbie. He was checking out the estate and heard I lived there so came to me for advice.

"He came in for a look and loved it. I think he was sold. My wife stayed upstairs because she was too shy to meet him."

He continued: "Ayda is great too. They are good neighbours. They invite me round for coffee.

"Rob also tried to get me to play football with him but I can't be bumped around like that. I am not as fast as I was."

Despite avoiding contact sports, Tom says he's keen to keep in shape and has no time for people who take drugs.

Tom's good friend RICKY HATTON recently landed himself in hot water when he was allegedly filmed snorting cocaine.

Tom was saddened by the news: "I'm a huge boxing fan. He loves to eat and drink. If he's not training he's indulging. He hasn't got the discipline to bring it back.

"I've always liked alcohol but I have never been interested in drugs. Sniffing cocaine is not attractive to me. It looks like Fagin counting his money. It looks evil and I have never ever felt the need for it.

"I know a lot of people that do drugs and they say if you do cocaine you can drink more as it keeps you up. I don't need to drink any more than I do.

"I have never smoked pot. I stopped smoking cigarettes in the 60s. I'll have the occasional cigar but you don't inhale. I don't want to do that."

What a legend.

Praise & Blame is out now.