Tom Jones Prepares New Single: 'Run On' / 'Didn't It Rain' - Clash Music

Welsh crooner Tom Jones has confirmed details of his new single 'Run On' backed with 'Didn't It Rain'. Tom Jones is busy defying expectations. The singer's image of a tanned lothario has been shattered on his raw, honest new album 'Praise & Blame' which returns the Welsh icon to his roots.

Inspired by American gospel, blues and country the album received almost instant acclaim. In the vein of the Johnny Cash series 'American Recordings' the album strips back public perceptions to find the true artist.

Produced by Ethan Johns, the album is steeped in ragged recordings by the likes of John Lee Hooker, Bob Dylan and Hank Williams. 'Praise & Blame' was promoted via some unusual shows, including a midnight set at Latitude.

Set to turn Gold over the next few weeks, Tom Jones is due to follow his new album with the double A-side 'Run On' / 'Didn't It Rain'. 'Run On' is a much covered gospel classic, with everyone from Moby to Elvis Presley having a crack at the song.

Tom Jones has given the track a rockin' treatment, turning it into a highlight of the new album. The Welsh singer realised the track was a challenge almost immediately: "…if we did it we realized we would really have to bring something special to it. Ethan and myself decided to kick up a rockier version, which is what we did and I'm happy to say it's more alive and earthy."

Backed with Mahalia Jackson's gospel classic 'Didn't It Rain' Tom Jones brings some special to these renditions. Much covered, his familiar voice at times cracks with emotion as he delivers a church eulogy.

As a special bonus for digital customers Tom Jones has made a new track available. 'Lord Help' is a deep and dirty slice of blues, completing a remarkable return for the 70 year old singer.

Tom Jones is due to release 'Run On' / 'Didn't It Rain' on September 20th.

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