Tom Jones - What Good Am I? BBC ONE: TUE 06 JUL, 10:35PM

Feature-BBC-Imagine-Tom-Jones-Wk-27-July-10-2 The Imagine series has been superb to date, but tonight’s instalment is an extra special treat as Alan Yentob interviews Tom Jones.

We look ahead to the hip-swinging special.

Ladies, prepare to fling your frillies in the direction of the nearest TV screen as Tom Jones is the subject of tonight’s interview with Alan Yentob and what a fantastic subject the Welsh warbler makes.

With a career that spans more than 45 years and over 100million record sales, Jones is a bonafide legend and is still recording today at the ripe old age of 70. But you wouldn’t know it to look at him as he’s still every part the sex symbol with the immaculately sculpted facial fuzz and bare perma-tanned chest.

He was friends with Elvis, complimented by Sinatra, performed in Vegas, had a hit US TV show and became a popular country and western singer before reinventing himself for a new generation by tuning his baritoned voice into more modern musical tastes. It’s a remarkable journey for a boy from Pontypridd.

In this delightfully frank interview Yentob gets the best out of the Jones looking beyond the highs and lows of a glittering musical career, to find out about the man behind the mic. Jones is refreshingly frank and talks at length about his humble beginnings and career high points with equal enthusiasm; but it’s his open and often amusing recounting of his career lows that really set the man apart in an interview that’s well worth a watch.