Reviews on Stoned in Love

ChicaneWith Stoned in Love sitting high at no. 8 in the charts, the reaction to the single has been fantastic - here are a few reviews to give you an idea what the press are saying: Single of the Week - The Sun "Performing with a crossover dance act will do nothing for Tom Jones's reputation in the valleys and some production trickery makes him sound like he's never sounded before - but the result is a four-to-the-floor banging tune! In a chat with SFTW Sir Tom says: "My manager put me on to Chicane. I had always been aware of the music but had never known Nick (aka Chicane) personally. I was looking for a new challenge and this tune got me fired up. "I heard the track, thought it was a really powerful song and went for it. You've got to do something new to keep the excitement running. I like to surprise people." 5/5

Daily Star "... this dance inferno that begins all menacing and careers into a whirlwind of frenetic basslines for a lung-busting chorus" *****

Teletext "Chicane with Tom Jones Stoned in Love 7/10 Toning down that bullhorn voice for a surprisingly controlled, harsh edge, it's leagues better than sexbomb. Chicane offer a vibrant trance track, Tom sings with more vitality than a man aged 107 should be able to."