What The Critics Say

“This Is Tom Jones isn't just some retro cheap thrill, though, or an exercise in nostalgia. It's a true time trip, transporting us back to viscerally feel the beat of a landmark era.” – Newsday 6/26/07 “It's not unusual to be wowed. Repeatedly.” – Newsday 6/26/07

“Hugely entertaining and some of the musical performances would ultimately become once-in-a-lifetime events.” – Chicago Sun-Times 9/29/07

“Back in 1969, ABC gave Welsh singer Jones a what's-new-pussycat music variety series that stressed hip acts, no pun intended. It helps if you're a Jones fan, but there's enough name artists here to please a wide spectrum.” – Newark Star Ledger 6/23/07

“One of the many pleasures of this three-disc compilation of material from his 1969–71 variety show is its confirmation that Jones’s talent was no joke.” Time Out NY

“The special guest musicians include some of the era’s best-known and loved artists… They give wonderful performances and are worth the price of the set in themselves.” - PopMatters.com

“At only 28, Jones showed that he was already The Voice.” - Virginian Pilot

“Tom Jones was it, man.” – DVD Talk