Timeless Tom Jones bridges generation gap with Belfast gig

Sir Tom JonesIt’s not unusual to begin to show your age as you get older ? unless you are Tom Jones. The singing legend best described as ‘The Voice’ hit town again last night to a rapturous response from his adoring fans and — having attended many of his concerts since his first visit here in the 1960s — it did seem unusual that he now appears to be more comfortable with his mature looks than ever before. His physical appearance may have changed slightly, but his powerful vocals remain as strong and impressive as ever as he set the tone for the evening (while sending himself — or, at least, his perceived image — up) with the Bono/Edge opening song, Sugar Daddy. Totally relaxed and with a tongue-in-cheek approach, the Welsh warbler doesn’t take himself too seriously, as he has nothing left to prove in a career that has spanned five decades.

With a knack for reinventing himself for every generation and a rare ability to cut across all generations and genres, this crooner remains one cool dude.

Damien Murray