Tom Jones review from Budapest

Sir Tom JonesFinally the security gave it up, Tom Jones fans ran to the stage to dance.. he evening started in a solid mood as the bigger part of the audience was from the senior age-group, and the youngers were not extreme figures either. Everybody waited for The Voice patiently, sitting on their seats. There were only seats, as the promoter thought the audience who come to a Tom Jones concert, can stay seated during the best dancing-songs. A few minutes after 9 Tom Jones appeared on the stage dressed in black and smiling, as we could always see him in the last years, only his hair became white since the video of Sexbomb. He started with Sugar Daddy which was written for him by Bono, and after the James Bond song Thunderball and a few new songs came Delilah and a part of the audience sprang to their feet for dancing. The show continued with Mamma Told Me and Burning Down The House and then more and more people felt they couldn’t sit on their seats. During What’s New Pussycat the security guards tried to keep the original sectors but when Tom Jones himself told the audience to dance at the beginning of She’s A Lady, nobody could resist dancing and going to the front of the stage. And the biggest hits just came after this, the audience danced and screamed, and it really looked like Tom Jones enjoyed the concert very much. His voice was the same as we got used to it, nobody would say that he’s almost 70. Furthermore, he left the stage with such energy that we didn’t wonder if he had gone to a party to dance after the show.

Melinda Serfozo, Nepszabadsag